Quotes from St. Gregory the Great

The love of God insures the love of our neighbor, and the love of our neighbor serves to keep alive the love of God.

They who voluntarily commit sin show a contempt for life eternal, since they willingly risk the loss of their soul.

It avails nothing to subdue the body, if the mind allows itself to be controlled by anger.

In the eyes of the sovereign Judge the merit of our actions depends on the motives which prompted them.

It is in vain that we cut off the branches of evil, if we leave intact the root, which continually produces new ones.

The more numerous the gifts we have received from God, the greater the account we must render to Him.

He who fails to reflect before acting, walks with his eyes shut and advances with danger. He also falls very often, because the eye of reflection does not enable him to see whither his footsteps lead.

As the branch separated from the roots soon loses all life and verdure, so it is with good works which are not united with charity.

What we do for ourselves during life is more certain than all the good we expect others to do for us after death.

Affliction strengthens the vigor of our soul, whereas happiness weakens it.
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