If I am to complain, let me complain to Jesus fastened on his cross. But in your presence, my Savior, what have I to complain of? What are my sufferings compared to those you bear without complaining? I might perhaps convince my fellow man that I am unjustly afflicted, but in your presence, Lord, I cannot, for my sins are known to you. You know my sufferings are far less than I deserve. And since all my afflictions proceed from you, to you I come; give mestrength and hearten me to suffer in silence; as once you did yourself.
(a prayer of Claude de la Colombiere)
"Suffering is a kiss from Jesus."~Blessed Mother 
Teresa of Calcutta

Suffering has to come because if you look at the cross, he has got his head bending down - he wants to kiss you - and he has both hands open wide - he wants to embrace you. He has his heart opened wide to receive you. Then when you feel miserable inside, look at the cross and you will know what is happening. Suffering, pain, sorrow, humiliation, feelings of loneliness, are nothing but the kiss of Jesus, a sign that you have come so close that he can kiss you. Do you understand, brothers, sisters, or whoever you may be? Suffering, pain, humiliation - this is the kiss of Jesus. At times you come so close to Jesus on the cross that he can kiss you. I once told this to a lady who was suffering very much. She answered, "Tell Jesus not to kiss me - to stop kissing me." That suffering has to come that came into the life of Our Lady, that came in the life of Jesus - it has to come in our life also. Only never put on a long face. Suffering is a gift from God. It is between you and Jesus alone inside.
- Mother Teresa of Calcutta
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