We breathe gospel

Not long ago, we heard the Gospel
and in a little while we go to the world to live the Gospel.
The Gospel is our life,
our work, our being.
"Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel!"
This is the cry of St. Paul.
This will be our concern.
May the Gospel be our breath,
our waking, our living and our sunset.
Lead us into the world, Lord,
sow the Gospel of hope,
the Gospel of justice
and the Gospel of peace.
Heal us, Lord, of our fever,
how you healed the fever of Simon's mother-in-law.
That there is nothing and no one to stop us
of making the Gospel the star of our firmament,
to shine in the footsteps of our way.
Help us, Lord,
to be echo of Your Gospel,
to take everyone
your presence of love,

Frei Francisco Bezerra do Nascimento
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