Each of us is unique. But since each of us is unique, we are not the only ones to whom problems or difficulties occur. Even Jesus was misunderstood, until Jesus was censured, until Jesus was rejected. And in His land was not spared: even in His land was rebuked.

Nor did the fact that he gave a very small homily, of little extent, saved him from the dispute. After reading the Scripture, Jesus confined himself to saying: "Today you have fulfilled the passage of Scripture which you have just heard" (Lk 4:21). But this little was too much, it was Jesus' program. And this program shocked the interests of many, starting with those closest to them, by their countrymen.

Yesterday as today, rejection does not usually come from outside. Rejection almost always comes from within. That's why rejection hurts. That is why rejection grinds. The countrymen and contemporaries of Jesus are more interested in a political Messiah and a spectacle. Jesus' program does not seem to excite.

It is not surprising, therefore, that even those of His people try to eliminate Him by casting Him down (cf. Lk 4:29). And it is significant to note that, in the face of rejection, Jesus does not seek to defend Himself. What Jesus does is "to follow His way" (Lk 4, 30). This is what matters: follow the path of Jesus.

Frei Francisco Bezerra do Nascimento
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