Not all love has God, but God always has love. More: God is not limited to love; God is love (cf. 1Jo 4:16). Created by God, the Church must be the place of love par excellence. And it will be the place of love if, first of all, to welcome the love that founds it, the love that sustains it, the love that feeds it. Hence, the closer to God, the closer to love. And hence also that the lack of love of one another is the greatest demonstration of the lack of love for God.

We still have a long - very long - way to go in this field. Love, which is God, is not far from us, but we sometimes stubbornly stay away from God, which is love. And no one says he has faith if he has no love. Love is the great certificate of faith. Believe without loving? No way. It is not possible to believe without loving. Faith always involves love.

Faith can do everything when it is inhabited by love. He can even bear the unbearable. This is how we perceive the pertinent question of Baldufn of Canterbury in the twelfth century: "What is impossible for one who believes? And what is difficult for the one who loves? "

Our profession of faith is also - and quite - a confession of love. The Creed is an expression of faith insofar as it is a love story. In fact, as a history of faith, it can only be a love story. There is only faith when there is love: love is faith experienced! Only love, as Hans Urs von Balthasar put it, "is worthy of faith."

Frei Francisco Bezerra do Nascimento
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