Upon thy fair maternal face,
Maria, let us gaze.
One look will lend its kindly grace
Unto our length of days.
The Light and Truth
Of Virgin youth
Make flowerhood there all-free;
While Counsel sage
Like Rock of Age,
Stands in that facial Sea.
There heaves the mother's weight of years,
Of years that knew not mirth;
But there's a joy beneath the tears
Outweighs the smiles of earth.
For while the ocean-depths of sorrow
Lie buried in thine eye,
Yet Crassus' riches could not borrow
Thy calm-of-ocean sigh.
Thus Evening worn
And Light of Morn
Make Twilight's resting-place
In lights combined
That seek and find
Composure in that face.
Thy cheek is mirror
Of Calvary's horror
Where blood laid Jesus low.
But sin dwells not,
Nor stain nor spot,
Upon thy brow of snow.
Maria, O Maria, place
Thy form and face
Upon our souls;
Oh, light our nature with thy grace,
Time with eternal Goals!
-Clifford A. McLaughlin, S.J.
Cyril Robert. Our Lady's Praise in Poetry.
Poughkeepsie, New York: Marist Press, 1944.
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