En Persici ex Orbis

En Persici ex orbis sinu,
sol unde sumit januam,
cernunt periti interpretes
regale vexillum Magi.

Quod ut refulsit, ceteri
cessere signorum globi,
nec pulcher est ausus suam
conferre formam Lucifer.

Quis iste tantus, inquiunt,
regnator astris imperans,
quem sic tremunt cælestia,
cui lux et aethra inserviunt ?

Illustre quiddam cernimus,
quod nesciat finem pati,
sublime, celsum, interminum,
antiquius cælo et chao.

Hic ille rex est gentium
populique rex Judaici,
promissus Abrahæ patri 
ejusque in ævum semini.

Æquanda nam stellis sua
cognovit olim germina
primus sator credentium,
nati immolator unici.

Jam flos subit Davidicus
radice Jesse editus,
sceptrique per virgam virens
rerum cacumen occupat.

Exin sequuntur perciti
fixis in altum vultibus,
qua stella sulcum traxerat
claramque signabat viam.

Sed verticem pueri supra
signum pependit inminens,
pronaque submissum face
caput sacratum prodidit.

Videre quod postquam Magi,
eoa promunt munera,
stratique votis offerunt
thus, myrrham, et aurum regium.

Agnosce clara insignia
virtutis ac regni tui,
puer o, cui trinam Pater
praedestinavit indolem.

Regem Deumque adnuntiant
thesaurus et fragrans odor
thuris Sabæi, ac myrrheus
pulvis sepulcrum prædocet.

Hoc est sepulcrum, quo Deus,
dum corpus extingui sinit
atque id sepultum suscitat,
mortis refregit carcerem.

Lo! in the heart of Persia's world, where opens first the fate unto the rising sun, the Magi, most wise interpreters, perceive the standard of the King.

It shone, and the other stars of heaven put out their lights: not even would lovely DayStar show his face.

"Who," say they, "is this great King, who commands the stars? at whose presence the heavens tremble, and light and air do His bidding?

"The sign we see tells us of that great Being, who is eternal and infinite--the most high, exalted, boundless One, who existed before heaven and earth were made.

"This is He that is King of the Gentiles, and King of the Jews: He was promised to our Father Abraham, and to his seed for ever.

"For Abraham, the first parent of believers, and the sacrificer of his only Son, was told that his race should become numerous as the stars of heaven.

"At length the Flower of David is come, springing from Jesse's root: blooming by His sceptre's rod, He now rules over the universe."

Then quickly do they follow, with their gaze fixed aloft, and the Star sails through the air, pointing the bright path to be pursued.

But when the Star had reached the point direct above the Child's head, it hovered there: then stooping down its torch, it showed the sacred face they sought.

The Magi looked upon the Babe, then opening their eastern treasures, prostrate, and offer Him the votive homage of incense, myrrh, and kingly gold.

These, dear Babe, are the rich tokens of thy power and kingdom, for they mark the triple character, which thy Father would have us recognise.

The Gold proclaims him King; the sweet-smelling Saba Incense declares Him to be God; and the Myrrh signifies that He is Man, for it is the symbol of His future tomb;

That Tomb, whereby God broke open the prison of Death, after He had permitted His sacred Body to suffer death, and the Tomb had raised it up again to life.
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