(an advent poem)
Waiting with joy
With hope
With great anticipation.
Waiting for peace.
Waiting for Love
Waiting for Joy.
We wait
For loved ones to come home.
For wars to end.
For peace on earth.
For romance.
For love.
For new life.
We wait.
To be together.
To laugh together
To cry together
To remember the past
To look forward to the future
To celebrate.
We Wait.
To celebrate our blessings
Our togetherness
Our hopes
Our dreams.
To celebrate a Baby.
A Baby born in Bethlehem
Many years ago.
A beautiful little Baby
So small
So precious
So innocent
So glorious.
A Baby to warm our hearts
To show us the way
To bring us peace
And love
And joy.
A Baby to bring us everlasting life.
Waiting with joy
To celebrate the Baby
The precious Baby Jesus
The very Son of God.
We wait.
Waiting with hope
With great anticipation
For Him to come again
In all His glorious majesty.
Waiting to share
In His everlasting peace
His everlasting love
His everlasting joy
With our loved ones
With the Angels
With the Saints.
With our Father
With His Son
With the Holy Spirit
Together forever
In the never-ending love
Everlasting Peace
Endless Beauty
Overflowing Joy
The joy of the Lord
Surrounded with His love
Forever and Ever in Heaven
All because of a Baby.
We wait.
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