And this is He whom Heaven hymns,
All trembling in His white young limbs,
Whom choirs adore and seraphs bless-
Unspeakable His helplessness.
A Baby's cheek the wind would kindle.
Ah, holy weaver and blessed spindle,
That spun the little swaddling clothes
To sheathe so sweet, so fair a rose!
Dull stable-lamp, my love you are-
Shine bright and be His morning star.
Full many a moon would give her light
To hang upon your beam tonight,
And flood the wondrous sanctuary
And shine on Him and His Mother Mary.
O Sacred Love and Life and Law
Whose mercy-mingled power I draw
To live, to breathe, and be aware
Of sunlight and the brimming air!
Great Bosom whence my spirit sprang,
For Whom my soul in hunger sang,
O white with Age that overflows
The showering of a million snows,
Sinew and Strength and Might unriven,
Upholder of the stars and Heaven,
How camest Thou to choose a stall?
Ah, Little Brother, how small, how small!
What need to know the bitter cold
Eternal One-an hour old!
And yet did not the Eternal Three
Foreknow how bitter the cold would be!
The dark comes over this little town,
A woman is pulling her shutter down,
A woman is making her widow bright
To welcome her Saviour on Christmas night.
The clouds are draping the starless hill,
The moon is quenched at the Father's will,
The Angels are crowding the snowy moor,
A lantern hangs on the chapel door,
The sounds of the singers arise and pass,
A beggar is crawling to Midnight Mass.
The shadowy winds are still awhile,
The children turn in their sleep and smile.
May God have mercy and shield us well
Who hear the stroke of the midnight bell!
"Good-night, sweet Jesus, and take Thy rest,
Be happy now in Thy narrow nest,
Thou must not notice Thy mother weep
Hear her lullaby and go to sleep!"
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