In Honor of The Holy Mother of God

Let every heart, that is devout, now raise itself and devoutly celebrate the Conception of the Virgin ever blessed. Let the mind be inflamed with love; and let praise and jubilee unite with the love. In her admirable Conception, she is a rose in its beauty, she is a lily in its whiteness. As fruit that comes from the flower, so was Mary brought forth in her purity, for her Son had possession of her from the first. As a dew-drop contracts not a stain from the earth whereon 'tis formed, So was Mary untainted by original sin when she was conceived in her mother's womb. Let us then sing our sweetest hymn in praise of a cloudless brightness, the Immaculate Conception. Put on all your joy, ye choirs of earth, and sing of her, that was a daughter of Adam, but not of his sin. May she be pleased with our hymns, and defend us from all sin in this our present life, And when our last hour comes, deliver us by her prayers from the abyss of hell into which the devil will seek to drag us. Amen. 

(Taken from the ancient Roman-French Missals.)
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