Every man who pursues a maid, every maid who yearns to be courted, every bond of friendship in the universe, seeks a love that is not just her love or his love but something that overflows both her and him that is called "our love." Everyone is in love with an ideal love, a love that is so far beyond sex that sex is forgotten. We all love something more than we love. When that overflow ceases, love stops. As the poet puts it: "I could not love thee, dear, so much, loved I not honor more." That ideal love we see beyond all creature-love, to which we instinctively turn when flesh-love fails, is the same ideal that God had in His Heart from all eternity—the Lady whom He calls "Mother." She is the one whom every man loves when he loves a woman—whether he knows it or not. She is what every woman wants to be when she looks at herself. She is the woman whom every man marries in ideal when he takes a spouse; she is hidden as an ideal in the discontent of every woman with the carnal aggressiveness of man; she is the secret desire every woman has to be honored and fostered; she is the way every woman wants to command respect and love because of the beauty of her goodness of body and soul. And this blueprint love, whom God loved before the world was made, this Dream Woman before women were, is the one of whom every heart can say in its depth of depths: "She is the woman I love!" - Archbishop Fulton J Sheen
Holy Immaculate Mary, 
help all who are in trouble. 
Give courage to the faint-hearted, 
console the sad, 
heal the infirm, 
pray for the people, 
intercede for the clergy, 
have a special care for nuns; 
may all feel, 
all enjoy your kind and powerful assistance, 
all who now and always render and will render, 
you honour, 
and will offer you their petitions. 
Hear all our prayers, O Mother, 
and grant them all. 
We are all your children: 
Grant the prayers of your children.

Amen forever.
Prayer of Pope Leo Xiii (1810-1903) as

As a little child, I loved you like a mother. Now that I am old, my love for you has grown. Receive me in heaven as one of the blessed, and I will proclaim that I have obtained such a great prize through your patronage.

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