In The Name Of The Whole Christian People. We beg Thee, Master, be our help and strength. Save those among us who are oppressed, have pity on the lowly, and lift up the fallen. Heal the sick, bring back the straying, and feed the hungry. 
Release those in prison, steady those who falter, and strengthen the fainthearted. Let all nations come to know Thee, the one God, with Thy Son Jesus Christ, and us Thy people and sheep of Thy pasture. Do not keep count of the sins of Thy servants, but purify us through the bath of Thy truth and direct our steps. Help us to walk in holiness of heart, and to do what is good and pleasing in Thy eyes and in the eyes of our rulers. Master, let Thy face shine on us to grant us every good in peace, protect us by Thy powerful hand, deliver us from every evil by the might of Thy arm. Grant us and all who dwell on this earth peace and harmony, O Lord.
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