Oh Thou,
most beautiful a woman
most tender of all mothers
most brilliant STAR of DAVID
Masterpiece of God’s creation
to the Holy Trinity
most precious Pearl
towards your Son the Golden Bridge
Golden Gate
to the Holy City
thru which our Savior
came and comes
Most sacred Vessel
containing the most Holy
My soul,
is drowning
in the beauty of your eyes
in the sweetness of your smile
in the burning oven of your heart
in the greatness of your littleness
in the eloquence of your silence
in the mystery of your simplicity
Oh Thou,
safest of my earthly havens
dearest hiding-place of mine
truly my refuge
my sweetest, sweetest mother
keep me with your Son Divine
save me from the wordly evils
strengthen my so fragile faith
cover me
with your motherly mantle
Oh Mary, you most gentle
Your child I am FOREVER !!!

photos: Madonna and Child —modern 20th century
Corbert Gauthier — Mary and Baby Jesus, 2010 (548x700) 
1957 Madonna and Child Lithograph Art Print Joseph Maniscalco
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