Hymn of St. Gertrude

O Gertrude, shrine of the Divinity, united to the Spouse of virgins; grant us to celebrate the chaste love of thy espousals.

Scarcely hadst thou completed thy fourth year when thou wast espoused to Christ, and didst flee to the shelter of the cloister. Thou didst put from thee the breast of thy nurse, and seek the divine kiss of thy Spouse.

Like a fair spotless lily thou dost give forth a perfume which gladdens heaven; and the splendour of thy virgin beauty draweth to thee the King of Saints.

He who dwelleth in the bosom of the Father, surrounded with everlasting glory, deigns to take his repose in thy love.

Thou woundest Jesus with love; and he woundeth thee in return, and deeply graveth on thy heart the marks of His sacred Passion.

O peerless love, O wondrous interchange; He it is who breatheth in thy heart, and thy life hangeth on the breath of His mouth.

Let the blessed choirs of virgins sing Thy praise, O Jesus, Spouse of virgins; and equal glory be ascribed to Father and to Paraclete. Amen


O most worthy spouse of Christ, on whom the Prophetic light hath shone, whose heart an apostilic zeal inflamed, whose head the wreath of virgins hath crowned, whom the glowing fire of divine love consumed.


O God, Who hast prepared for Thyself a dwelling-place of delights in the most pure heart of the blessed virgin Gertrude; deign, we beseech Thee, through her merits and intercession, to wipe away all stains from our hearts, that they may become meet abodes of Thy divine majesty. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
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