The Wonderful Power of the Cross of Christ

1 Cor. 1. 23: "To the Jews a stumbling-block and to the Gentiles foolishness; but to them that are called it is the power of God "--"in that sign thou shalt conquer."

The cross, the cross! oh, bid it rise,
'Mid clouds about it curled, 
In bold relief against the skies, 
Beheld by all the world; 
A sign to myriads far and wide, 
On every holy fane-- 
Meet emblem of the Crucified, 
For our transgressions slain.

The cross, the cross! with solemn vow
And fervent prayer to bless, 
Upon the new-born infant's brow 
The hallowed seal impress; 
A token that in coming years, 
All else esteemed but loss, 
He will press on through foes and fears, 
The soldier of the cross.

The cross, the cross! upon the heart
O seal the signet well, 
A safeguard sweet against each art
And stratagem of hell; 
A hope when other hopes shall cease,
And worth all hopes beside-- 
The Christian's blessedness and peace,
His joy and only pride.

The cross, the cross! ye heralds blest,
Who in the saving name, 
Go forth to lands with sin opprest, 
The cross of Christ proclaim!
And so 'mid idols lifted high,
In truth and love revealed, 
It may be seen by every eye,
And stricken souls be healed. 

The cross, dear Church, the world is dark,
And wrapt in shades of night; 
Yet, lift but up within thy ark
This source of living light-- 
This emblem of our heavenly birth
And claim to things divine
So thou shalt go through all the earth,
And "conquer in this sign."
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