Prayer to St. Nicholas of Tolentino

O brightly shining star of sanctity! splendour and boast of the Augustinian Order; our powerful protector, St. Nicholas, hear from heaven the prayers of your devoted clients. Teach us to imitate the example you gave here below of heroic virtue, to curb our passions and restrain our unruly appetites, that we may ever live in the light of divine grace, and escape the foul contagion of habitual sin. Procure for us a love of Jesus like that which filled your own sinless heart, and a tender devotion to Mary his Mother, that we may be more like you in childlike love of her. Fortify us in efforts to reach heaven, that we may be ever faithful to Jesus and Mary; and strengthen us by your prayers, to merit a share in the bright and endless joys you now enjoy, and that for eternity. Amen.
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