Prayer to Saints Cosmas and Damian

Oh Saints Cosmas and Damian, we honour and venerate thee with all the humility and interior affection of our hearts.

We invoke thy, glorious martyrs of Jesus Christ, who during life exercised the art of healing with admirable charity and sacrifice, curing the incurable and ministering to dangerous illnesses, not so much with the aid of medicine and skill, but by the invocation of the all powerful Name of Jesus Christ.

Now that thou are more powerful in heaven, graciously bestow thy merciful glance upon us miserable and afflicted souls; and at the sight of the many ills which oppress us, the many spiritual and corporal diseases that surround us, hasten thy help. Assist us, we pray, in every distress.

We do not ask for ourselves only, but for all our relatives, families, friends, and enemies, so that, restored to health of soul and body, we can give glory to God, and honour to thee, our saintly protectors. Amen.
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