Prayer to Saint Januarius

O Januarius, brave of faith in Jesus Christ, glorious patron of Catholic Naples, looks upon us benignly and accepts our vows, that today we lie at thy feet with total confidence in thy powerful patronage.

How many times have thou run to help thy fellow citizens, now stopping in the path of the destructive lava of Vesuvius, and now saving us from plague, earthquakes, famine and many other divine punishments that terrify us.

The perpetual miracle of the liquefaction of thy blood is a sure and extremely eloquent sign that thou live among us, that thou know our needs and that thou protect us in a singular way.

O, we pray to thee pray for us, sure that we will be answered; and saved from all the evils that oppress us from all directions.

Save us from unbelief, and thou will see that the faith, by which thou have generously sacrificed thy life, always, always produces fertile fruits of saints made among us.

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