Our Lady of October! 
How fitting such a name, 
Now when the woods in grandeur 
Put on their cloaks of flame.
It is to do you honor,
Before woods come to die;
They celebrate love's token:
Your holy Rosary.

We seem to see you standing
Down each dim, golden lane,
By the harvest moon enhaloed,
In nature's forest-fane,

While mellow earth soft raises
Its evening prayer on high,
And we repeat the Aves
Of your dear Rosary.

O Lady of October,
When death's autumn time is nigh,
May our golden key to Heaven
Be your holy Rosary.

Charles J. Quirk
Robert, Cyril. Mary Immaculate: God's Mother and Mine.
Poughkeepsie, New York: Marist Press, 1946.
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