Novena Prayers to St. Rosalia

Father in heaven, we thank Thy for the communion of saints so that we can draw near to Thee through the prayers of St. Rosalia. Through her prayers help us to remember that our destiny is heaven. As St. Rosalia gave up all things in this world for the sake of Thy Kingdom, through her prayers may we love more fully Thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ, who together with Thee and the Holy Ghost are one God forever and ever. Amen.

O God, our Father, mercifully look upon Thy people who come to Thee and grant through the intercession of St. Rosalia, who turned away from earthly delights to the joys of contemplation, that we may be delivered from all harm here on earth and one day be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven.

St. Rosalia, confessor and virgin, we pray to God for our families and friends. Through thy powerful prayers, may we obtain health, life, and eternal salvation. I also pray today for this special need and intention (offer your intention here). O glorious virgin and confessor, St. Rosalia, I promise henceforth to remember and follow thy example of faith and love. Pray for me and mine. Amen.
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