Devotions to Our Sorrowful Mother for September

For Holy Church

O Mary, Mother of the Universal Church, Who didst consent to remain in exile upon earth after the Ascension of thy Divine Son, and for long years to be deprived of His visible presence, that thou mightest be the guide, the Mistress, and the loving Mother of the infant Church, do thou now as ever extend upon Her thy maternal care. Thou seest the persecutions to which She is exposed, the dangers to Her children, the tribulations of Her Pastor. Remember the last words of thy dying Son, by which He gave thee to us to be our Mother, and deign to protect us, the children of thy sorrow, that none of us may be lost, but that all may remain steadfast in the true Faith and the practice of virtue.

Let thy maternal compassion extend also to those unfortunate children of thine, to those pitiable souls who have denied the One, True Church and have fallen into schism and heresy, that they may soon return to the true Catholic Church, and lovingly submit to Her authority and to the Shepherd appointed by Christ.

Have pity also on those children of thine, who know not thy Son, the Light and Life of the world; may thy supplications and tears move the depths of Divine mercy, that He may enlighten them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death! Oh! may all true Catholics, through thy powerful intercession, remain faithful to their God and their Mother the Church! May all the stray sheep be brought back to the fold! May all heathens walk in the light of the new Jerusalem, that all men may know, and love, and serve, and bless thy Divine Son forever and ever! Amen.

(Silent reflection... Hail Mary...)
O Mother Most Sorrowful, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
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