O Mary, Queen of Martyrs, Mother of God, and my most loving Mother, humbly prostrate at thy feet I dedicate myself to the compassion of thy Sorrowful Heart, which was plunged into such an abyss of woe and humiliation, and at the same time was such a prodigy of meekness, of patience, of charity, and of all virtues. O beloved Mother, this sacrifice of thy Heart was offered to show me the inestimable price of humiliations, to teach me that I too must take up my cross and follow my Jesus in the way of suffering, which is the true way to Heaven. Alas! until now I understood it not, and instead of following Jesus, I separated myself from Him, to run after honors and pleasures. Henceforward it shall not be so; I will follow Him, bearing whatever crosses He may be pleased to send me; I will imitate thee, the true model of invincible patience; I will accept tribulations with Jesus and thee, to be united with Him Crucified, and with thee, and that the more, because my sins were the cause of thy sufferings and His.

But thou knowest, my enemies never cease from attacking me and laying snares before me, to lead me astray from the royal way of the Cross. Do thou, therefore, O tender Mother, strengthen me, sustain me, and ever keep before me both thy sufferings and the example of thy fortitude. Obtain for me that I may ever have a lively faith, a firm hope, and an ardent charity, and that, being comforted by the remembrance of thy Sorrows, I may willingly accept the chalice of my tribulations, thus faithfully and cheerfully to accompany Jesus in His Sufferings. And in the great passage from time to eternity, do thou assist me in a special manner; deign to come with Jesus to mine aid; obtain for me that I may invoke thine and His most sweet Names, saying with my lips and my heart, "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, assist me in my last agony; Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, may I die with Thee in peace." Amen.

(Silent reflection... Hail Mary...)
O Mother Most Sorrowful, pray for us who have recourse to thee.


O Virgin, all burning with love, O Mary, Mother of Dolors, I am most unworthy to stand in thy presence; but when I remember that thou art the Mother of Mercy, the Comforter of the Afflicted, the Treasurer of Divine Grace, I feel confidence revived in my heart. I therefore have recourse to thee with all the power and affection of my soul, hoping to obtain what I come to ask of thee, namely, a true contrition for my many sins and my great ingratitude, a deep sorrow for having offended my Jesus, Who has never ceased to load me with favors since He created me. Obtain for me, O tender Mother, that my sorrow for having lost Divine grace may be like to that which thou didst feel, when thou didst lose thy beloved Son; pierce my ungrateful heart with that sharp sword with which thine own was transfixed at the foot of the Cross; implore for me the frequent remembrance of death, that I may always keep before me the sense of my nothingness, and obtain for me the grace of final perseverance, that I may die the death of the just. Remember, O my beloved Mother, that if I obtain these graces through thy intercession, I shall here below be more faithful to thy beloved Son, thus giving joy to thy heart, and shall one day be with thee in the Kingdom of Heaven, there to bless thee and thy Divine Son for ever. From thee I ask these favors, O my loving Mother; through thee I "expect" them: in thee I place my trust, because thou art the Mother of my Savior. Amen.

(Silent reflection... Hail Mary...)
O Mother Most Sorrowful, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

for Wednesdays

Via Matris Dolorosa - Our Mother's Cross Path of Sorrows

"May we never let the memory grow dim of our Mother's agonies!"

Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Thy Mother, whose most holy soul was transfixed with the sword of sorrow in the hour of Thy Passion, may intercede for us before the throne of mercy, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Imprint, O Lady, thy wounds upon my heart, that I may read therein sorrow and love; sorrow, to endure every sorrow for thee: love, to despise every love for thee. Amen.

Lily of Prayer for the First Sorrow
The Prophecy of Holy Simeon

O Virgin most sorrowful, by the bitter pain which thy soul did suffer when thy Son Jesus was presented in the Temple, and thou didst hear from the prophetic mouth of Simeon that He was set for the fall of many on account of their malice, and for a sign which should be contradicted, and that a sword should pierce thine own soul; I pray thee, obtain for me this grace - that the infinite merits of Jesus may not be vain and unfruitful through my own fault. Hail Mary... (three times)

O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us!

Lily of Prayer for the Second Sorrow
The Flight into Egypt

O Virgin most sorrowful, by the grief thou didst suffer when, in order to withdraw thy most innocent Son from the cruelty of impious Herod, who was seeking to destroy Him, thou wast obliged in the midst of hardship and privation to flee by stealth into Egypt; obtain, I beseech thee, that I may never through sin force my Redeemer to leave my heart. Hail Mary... (three times)

O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us!

Lily of Prayer for the Third Sorrow
The Loss of Jesus in Jerusalem

O Virgin most sorrowful, by the anguish thou didst suffer when, without any fault of thine, thou didst lose thy most beloved Son Jesus, Who had remained in the Temple to fulfill the will of the Eternal Father, and didst seek Him anxiously for three days; obtain for me the grace to find Jesus at once, if by misfortune I ever come to lose Him through sin. Hail Mary... (three times)

O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us!

** Fourth Sorrow **

Lily of Prayer for the Fourth Sorrow
Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother on the Way to Calvary

O Virgin most sorrowful, by that keen grief with which thy soul was embittered when thou didst meet thy beloved Son on the way to Calvary, lacerated by the scourges, wet with blood, crowned with thorns, and bearing on His shoulders the heavy Cross on which He was to die for my salvation; obtain for me strength and courage, that, like thee, I may follow my Redeemer on the way of the Cross, and submit myself with willingness to whatever tribulations it may please Him to send me. Hail Mary... (three times)

O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us!

Lily of Prayer for the Fifth Sorrow
The Blessed Virgin Mary at the Foot of the Cross

O Virgin most sorrowful, and my sweet Mother, since thou wert left to me as such by the last will of thy Jesus, by the unspeakable pangs which thou didst experience on Calvary at the foot of the Cross, when, abandoned by all, despised by the people, given gall to drink, after three hours of agony and having cried out with a loud voice, thy dearest Son commended His Spirit to His Eternal Father; obtain for me a great love of suffering, and the grace to love and serve thee as my most Sorrowful Mother. Hail Mary... (three times)

O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us!

Lily of Prayer for the Sixth Sorrow
The Blessed Virgin Mary Receives the Crucified Body of Jesus from the Cross

O Virgin most sorrowful, by that grief which so bitterly afflicted thy most pure soul when thy well beloved Son, taken down from the Cross, was placed in thy bosom, and thou didst see in all its detail the cruel torment which my sins had caused Him; soften, I pray thee, my ungrateful heart, that I may bewail my sins and learn truly to compassionate thee. Hail Mary... (three times)

O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us!

Lily of Prayer for the Seventh Sorrow
The Blessed Virgin Mary Returns from the Tomb

O Virgin most sorrowful, by the bitter grief which thou didst bear when thou didst accompany the inanimate body of thy beloved Jesus and wert constrained to consign Him to the tomb; grant that the memory of His Sacred Passion and Death be deeply impressed upon my heart, that I may be consumed with love for my God and for thee, my sweetest Mother. Hail Mary... (three times)

O most sorrowful Virgin, pray for us!


Hail, countless and bitter tears which flowed in such profusion from thine eyes, O Mary, in thy loving and tender compassion for thy Son, our Crucified Savior! Men and Angels shall honor and revere these tears, and all sinners shall flee to them for refuge, for they have their source in thy most compassionate Heart, O Sorrowful Mother! Even as the crimson Blood flowed from the Wounds of Jesus, so did the tears flow from thine eyes, O Mary, mingled with unutterable bitterness on account of the agony with which thy soul was overwhelmed. Hail Mary...

O burning tears, O bitter tears, O mournful tears which moved the Angels to pity and touched the Heart of the Eternal Father! Soften my hard heart that it also may be moved to pity and to a true sorrow for my innumerable sins. O holy tears, wash me! O bitter tears, purify me! O mournful tears, cleanse me! O gentle tears, soften my heart! O burning tears, inflame it! O tears rich in merit and grace, enrich and adorn me! Hail Mary...

O most gentle Virgin, I recall to thee the heartfelt compassion which thou didst feel for thy Divine Son during His Passion, and the countless tears which then flowed from thine eyes. I beseech thee, through these bitter tears, to obtain for me the gift of tears and a true and heartfelt sorrow for my sins. Oh, would that I could shed such efficacious and salutary tears over the cruel sufferings of my Savior, and over my sins, as thou didst shed at the foot of the Cross. O most merciful Virgin, offer, I beseech thee, thy bitter tears to the Eternal Father in satisfaction for my tepidity and hardness of heart; and through their merit obtain for me mercy and pardon of all my sins. And when, O dearest Mother, I lie upon my deathbed, give me but one of thy precious tears wherewith to wash and purify my sinful soul and guilty conscience. Amen. Hail Mary...

Let us Pray:

O Mother of Sorrows, given from the Cross to be our Mother, who didst behold the red drops of the Precious Blood falling down to the ground, remember the Sorrows which then overwhelmed thee like the waves of the sea, and which no other creature but thyself ever suffered on earth.

O Mother of Sorrows, plead for us to the Eternal Father, intercede for us with thy Son, pray for us to the Holy Ghost, that after this our pilgrimage is over, we may behold the face of thy Son, and dwell with Him forever in eternal joy. Amen.

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