The year holds countless roses for its own,
And I have loved them all, from April on;
But only once I wept with the season flown,
And only once I grieved with a season gone....
Not Springtime with young blossoming drew a tear,
Even when Mary's wild flowering blew away, -
I waited then for summer, without fear,
And knew beyond June's beauty August lay
Rampant with crimson flame! No, not until
September circled, did my heart feel pain,
When Autumn's roses roses will...
Scattered their petals in the colder rain.
For I remembered Mary used to know
Last roses, too, against the winter's snow!

*The rose is a frequent symbol for the Virgin Mary, who is called a "rose without thorns" since she was free of original sin. This may refer to St. Ambrose's legend that the rose grew, without thorns, in the Garden of Eden.
The mystic rose, symbolizes Mary's mystical participation in the Holy Trinity as Heaven's Rose or Mystical Rose.

Red rose for Love and Blood of Christian Martyrs
White rose for the Virgin Mary's Purity 
The golden rose stands for the glory of the Virgin Mary. The Order of the Golden Rose, founded by Pope Leo VIII, was originally founded as a means of honoring virtuous women, and later included men. 
The rosary is related to the rose. The rosary chaplet presented to St. Dominic was scented with roses. Monks' rosaries may originally have been made with hardened rose petals.
Strong fragrance of roses, and sometimes showers of rose petals is always present during Marian Apparitions

poetry-Blanche Yvonne Mosler
Robert, Cyril. Mary Immaculate: God's Mother and Mine. Poughkeepsie, NY: Marist Press, 1946.

Although the Sacred Scriptures never reveal the Blessed Virgin Mary ever holding or carrying flowers, in many artistic renderings throughout the centuries, we often see Mary with different types of flowers. I would imagine she enjoyed the beauty of flowers since they are signs of God’s wonderful creation. There is even the chance that she kept flowers in the home of the Holy Family, as many women do today.

Not only do we see flowers with the Blessed Mother in art, but we also see flowers presented to her statues in Catholic churches. This is not some pagan ritual or custom of sacrifice, but it’s the way many people give thanks to her for interceding in their prayer requests. In the end, she is the Queen Mother who brings our prayers to her Heavenly Son, Our King and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Even though we see her with flowers in art and surrounding her statues in churches, we have also seen her with flowers as she has appeared over the centuries during different apparitions. The one that comes to mind for me very quickly is Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Miracle of the Roses. It is through the roses that we received the tilma of St. Juan Diego.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
So the question might come to your mind – What flowers often appear with the Blessed Virgin Mary and what do they represent in relation to her?
Below are 10 flowers most commonly associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary –
RoseRose: Known as the “queen of flowers”, the rose represents Mary as Queen of Heaven. The rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in all creation. The rose in relation to the Blessed Mother displays perfect love, form, fragrance, and color.
Although roses are beautiful, there is also a hidden suffering in their thorns. For Mary, the thorns on the rose remind us that Our Lord Jesus Christ wore a crown of thorns and gave up his blood for all humanity. As His Mother, Mary witnessed this suffering and death first hand at the foot of the cross.
Mary is also known as the Mystical Rose – “our fallen Nature’s solitary boast”, being the only human who was immaculately conceived without sin.
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