by WRR
No Mother Like you My Blessed Mother
with your Mother's love and Special Mercy 
youve look upon me and those who look upon you as guide
O star of the sea Our morning star
Fortify me in my hour of darkness,strengthen me in my weakness 
and protect me under you maternal care like
no mother on earth could and the whole universe can compare

No Mother Like you Our Blessed Mother when we honor you as
"The Theotokos" Mother of God and Our Mother of mine 
Your womb where God dwelled and became the cause of our joy
Frail as the flowers are you. Your womb held the world’s joy 
O Mother of all delight., "We never give more honour to your Son, Jesus
than when we honour you Our Blessed Mother

No Mother Like you, as we run to you to seek your Motherly protection
When were in dangers, when we are in doubts, in difficulties, 
We think of you Blessed Mother, We call upon you
And we know we shall never go astray; while invoking your name, 
We shall never lose heart; as long as you are in our mind,
We are safe from deception; as long as you hold our hands, 
We have nothing to fear; because we are under your mantle of protection

No Mother like you ,You're always there now and forever as our Mother
As you give us the abundant grace to conquent our struggles in life
We thank you Our blessed mother for being a mother to us ,as we thank you Son Jesus for giving you to us as our mother too
I love you beautiful Theotokos, Mother of God and I promised to love you as my Mother cause there's no mother like you.

by bro. willy r.reyes ,Sat Sep 23,2017
Photo : Antonio María Esquível: Virgen con el Niño, 1856. Museo del Prado.Espana
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