"Today June 12 2018 is Philippine Independence Day"
Ikaw na ligaya ng tanang kinapal,
Mariang sakdal tamis na kapayapan,
Bukal ng saklolong hindi naghuhumpay,
Daloy ng biyayang walang pagkasyahan.

Mula sa trono mong langit na mataas,
Ako'y marapating lawitan ng habag,
Ilukob ang iyong balabal ng lingap
Sa daing ng aking tinig na may pakpak.

Ikaw na Ina ko, Maraing matimtiman;
Ikaw ang buhay ko at aking sandingan;
Sa maalong dagat, ikaw ang patnubay:

Sa oras ng lalong masisidhing tukso,
At kung malapit na ang kamatayan ko,
Lumbay ko'y pawiin, saklolohan ako!

A LA VIRGEN MARÍA (original text)
¡María, dulce paz, cardo Consuelo
De afligo mortal! Eres la fuente
Do mana de Socorro la corriente,
Que sin cesar fecunda nuestro suelo.
Desde tu solio, desde el alto cielo,
¡Oye piadosa mi clamor doliente!
Y cobije tu manto refulgente
Mi voz que sube con velóz, vuelo.
Eres mi Madre, plácida María;
Tú en este fiero mar serás mi guía.
Si el vicio me persigue con fiereza,
Si la muerte me acosa en la agonía,
¡Socórreme y dispa mi tristeza!

Dear Mary, giving comfort and sweet peace
To all afflicted mortals; thou the spring
Whence flows a current of relief, to bring
Our soil fertility that does not cease;
Upon thy throne, where thou dost reign on high,
Oh, list with pity as I woeful grieve
And spread thy radiant mantle to receive
My voice which rises swiftly to the sky.
Placid Mary, thou my mother dear,
My sustenance, my fortitude must be,
And in this fearsome sea my way must steer.
If deprivation comes to buffet me,
And if grim death in agony draws near,
Oh, succor me, from anguish set me free.

Doctor José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, * a Renaissance man, he was a Filipino nationalist and reformist.biologist, volcanologist, ophthalmologist, painter, poet, novelist, sculptor, political scientist., a polymath, linguist (he speaks more than 20 languages) a teacher etc etc. and a Marian devotee.. He is the national hero of the Philippines:
*A Renaissance man is defined as a man who is knowledgeable or proficient in a variety of fields. He is an intelligent man who excels in many areas
photos: Our Lady of the Barangay 
Nuestra SEÑORA de Guia, Birhen ng Antipolo Dr Jose Rizal..
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