The Devout Client's Address to St. Aloysius

Angelical youth, Aloysius, by the particular appointment of God's vicar upon earth, patron of those who apply to studies: thou who hast illustrated the Church by a holy contempt of an earthly principality, but more by the innocence of thy manners, sanctity of thy life, and studies, I firmly resolve to follow thy example and pattern, as well of piety as of industry, that thou hast put before me. For the love thou hadst for Christ crucified, and His most blessed Mother, receive me as thy client and obedient servant; aid and assist me in the pursuit of virtue and learning; nourish and increase in me a purity of body and mind; turn off the snares laid against my chastity; ward and defend me against the dangers of the world; inspire my heart with a true and filial confidence in the ever-blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of good counsel; govern and direct me in my choice of a state of life, and let the grace of God be my perpetual defense against all mortal sin: that as thou always lived in a purity and integrity truly angelical, so assisted by thy patronage, and aided by the grace of God, I may live chastely and holily in this world, and deserve to be associated with thee and joined to the company of the angels in heaven Amen.

Recite six Paters and Aves, with the Gloria Patri.
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