Sleepy days, lazy days,
Leafy woods and grassy ways,
Fruit in orchard, grain in field. 
Firstlings of the garden yield.
Copper sun in azure sky,
Earth a welcome gives July.
Sunny days, golden days,
Evening dew and morning haze;
Freedom - all our fears beguile.
Lady of Mount Carmel .... smile.
Even war cannot deny
Benison of kind July.
Blessed days, gentle days,
Now we offer loyal praise;
Now we put our faith and trust
In the One, supreme and just,
Now we all our fears deny,
Blessings crown us in July.
-Lalia Mitchell Thornton
Cyril Robert. Our Lady's Praise in Poetry.
Poughkeepsie, New York: Marist Press, 1944.

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