June 24 1981 -2018
“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Afterwards, I will not appear any more on this earth.” -- Our Lady of Medjugorje May 2 1982
On June 15, 2018, begins the Novena in thanksgiving for 37 years of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace. In Medjugorje, the local people will pray the rosary at Apparition Hill every day at 4pm, and we unite with all our friends and with all the pilgrims all over the world through this Novena. The Novena ends on June 23, and on June 24, at 6am, we pray for peace in the “Peace March” which leads us in a Eucharistic procession from Humac to Medjugorje. We invite all Our Lady’s pilgrims, wherever they may be, to unite in a joyful prayer!
Prayer to the Mother of Goodness, Love and Mercy Queen of Peace
O Mother of goodness, love and mercy, I love you infinitely and I offer myself to you. By means of your goodness, your love and your grace, save me. I desire to be yours. I love you infinitely and desire you to protect me.
From the depth of my heart I pray you, Mother of goodness. Let me gain heaven by means of it. I pray you, by your infinite love, to give me the grace, so that I may love every man, as you have loved Jesus Christ. I pray you to give me the grace to be mericful towards you.
I offer myself to you completely and desire that you follow my every step, because you are full of grace and I desire that I will never forget this. And if, by chance, I should lose grace I pray you to restore it to me once more. Amen.
Since 24th of June 1981, some children in a remote village of the former Yugoslavia claim to have apparitions of the Virgin Mary. These apparitions continue up to the present day. The Virgin calls for prayer, conversion, fasting, penance and peace. These apparitions are comparable with the apparitions of Lourdes, France (1858) and Fatima, Portugal (1917), which are approved by the catholic church. However,
these apparitions last extremely long,
the apparition in Medjugorje has said that these are the last apparitions of her on earth,
the apparition has told the children that if we do not convert some events will happen in the very near future. These events are still secret but are to be announced a few days before they commence. They include good things and bad things according to the visionaries, who have been acquainted with the events by the Virgin.

On June 24, in the afternoon, Ivanka Ivankovic (age 15), a girl from the hamlet of Bijakovici at Medjugorje, returning from a walk, sees a brilliant silhouette on the hill of Crnica. She murmurs: "It is the Gospa!" (Our Lady). 
Mirjana Dragicevic (age 16), her friend, does not look. She is embarrassed because they had been out smoking secretly. She is afraid, and both of them run away. 
But in the evening at 6:00, they return with four others. They see her on the hill, from a distance of about 300 meters. That evening, people laugh at them. 
The next day, June 25th, both of them are back at the same place, with four others: 
Vicka Ivankovic (age 16) and Ivan Dragicevic (age 16), who were also present at the second apparition on June 24th. 
Maria Pavlovic (age 16) and Jakov Colo who came for the first time. 
These four, along with Ivanka and Mirjana, become the six seers. 
The white figure is there, high on the hill. She beckons them to approach; they climb with surprising speed and see the apparition close at hand. 
During the first four days (June 25 - 29), they receive, in response to their random questions, the essential words of the message: A return to God, faith, prayer, fasting, peace, reconciliation.

Our Lady is giving Ten Secrets to the Medjugorje visionaries that will bring worldwide conversion to the world.

• God is giving so much time for these apparitions, so that all may come to conversion.

• Three of the visionaries, Mirjana, Ivanka, and Jakov have all ten secrets and no longer see Our Lady daily.

• Marija, Vicka, and Ivan have nine secrets.

• The third secret will be a lasting sign on Apparition Mountain that will be permanent, indestructible, and beautiful and will appear spontaneously.

• The sign will appear on the mountain in such a way that unbelievers won’t have words to say what it is.

• The sign will be something that has never been on the earth before.

• Part of the seventh secret has been mitigated through prayer and fasting.

• Mirjana is the visionary whom Our Lady gave the responsibility to reveal the secrets.

• Fr. Petar Ljubicic is the priest chosen by Mirjana to reveal the secrets to the world.

• Fr. Petar will read each secret ten days before it occurs. He will fast for 7 days. Three days before the secret happens, he will announce it to the world.

• Fr. Petar says he will read the secrets to the world.

• Mirjana received a physical parchment from Our Lady with the ten secrets written on it, as well as the day and date each of them will occur.

• During the time of the ten secrets, one of the visionaries will still have daily apparitions

• Not all the secrets are the same for all the visionaries. Some of Ivan and Vicka’s secrets are personal ones for them.
*No times or dates have been indicated from the seers. Mirjana said she will reveal the first secret to a priest she chose, Father Petar Ljubicic, who appeared to be the one conducting the 1985 interview, ten days before it occurs, and he may then reveal it to the public, which would prove it is part of the secrets.
*Latest Messages of the Queen of Peace
Messages at the moment are given at least at the 2nd and 25th of the month and at March 18th, June 25th and December 25th
Monthly message to Marija on the anniversary of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace - expected 25. June 2016
Yearly message to Ivanka on the anniversary of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace - expected 25. June 2016
Message to Ivan's prayer group, Friday 24. June 2016, vigil of the anniversary of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace
"Dear children, I am coming to you and I desire to lead you. Out of love I desire to lead you to my Son. He is love. I pray for all of you, dear children, and I intercede before my Son. Therefore, persevere in prayer, dear children. Especially, pray for peace. Thank you, dear children, also today for having responded to my call"
June 2 2018 message
Our Lady blessed all of us and all the religious articles brought for a blessing. Following is the June 2, 2018, message given by Our Lady through Medjugorje visionary Mirjana:
“Dear children, I am calling you to accept my words which I am speaking to you as a mother, with a simplicity of heart, so that you may set out on the way of complete light and purity, of the singular love of my Son, man and God. A joy—a light indescribable in human words—will penetrate your soul and the peace and love of my Son will take hold of you. I desire this for all of my children. Therefore, you, apostles of my love, you who know how to love and forgive, you who do not judge, you whom I encourage, you be an example to all those who are not going on the way of light and love or who have diverted from it. By your life show them the truth. Show them love because love overcomes all difficulties, and all of my children thirst for love. Your unity in love is a gift to my Son and me. But, my children, remember that to love also means to desire the good for your neighbor and to desire conversion of your neighbor’s soul. As I am looking at you gathered around me, my heart is sad, because I see so little brotherly love, merciful love. My children, the Eucharist—my Son alive among you—His words will help you comprehend, because His word is life, His word makes the soul breathe, His word brings about cognition of love. Dear children, anew, I am imploring you as a mother who desires the good for her children: love your shepherds, pray for them. Thank you.”
All Medjugorje Messages from 1981 - 2018 

Medjugorje; the findings of the Ruini report
Esteemed by the Pope Francis, the report is positive on the first appearances, much less on the current ones while it proposes to turn the church into a pontifical sanctuary. Doubts from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that discussed the phenomenon in 2016
Thirteen votes in favor of recognizing the supernatural nature of the first seven appearances in Medjugorje, one vote against and one “suspensive” ballot, which will give a final answer later. A majority of suspensive votes and many doubts instead, concerning the apparition phenomenon from the end of 1981 to today.
These are the results of the work done by the commission on Medjugorje established in 2010 by Benedict XVI and chaired by Cardinal Camillo Ruini.

Pope Francis mentioned this report in the press conference on the return flight from Fatima when he revealed the distinction between the first apparitions and the later ones, saying, “A commission of good theologians, bishops, cardinals. Good, good, good. The Ruini report is very, very good. It is well known that the signal emerged from the Pontiff’s words is positive about the spiritual fruits and the conversions (”people who go there and convert, people who meet God, who change life”), but is negative with regard to the current apparitions “I prefer Our Lady Mother, and not the head of the telegraphic office, who sends a message every day”.
A commission wanted by Ratzinger
From 17 March 2010 to 17 January 2014, a commission chaired by Ruini was set up for the will of Benedict XVI. In addition to the former chairman of the CEI, Cardinals Jozef Tomko, Vinko Puljić, Josip Bozanić, Julián Herranz and Angelo Amato took part. The psychologist Tony Anatrella, the theologians Pierangelo Sequeri, Franjo Topić, Mihály Szentmártoni and Nela Gašpar, the Mariologist Salvatore Perrella, the anthropologist Achim Schütz, the canonist David Jaeger, the speaker of the causes of the saints Zdzisław Józef Kijas, the psychologist Mijo Nikić and the official of the Doctrine of the Faith Krzysztof Nykiel. Their task was to “collect and examine all the material” about Medjugorje and to present “a detailed report” followed by a vote on the “supernatural nature or not” of the apparitions as well as the most appropriate “pastoral solutions”. The committee met 17 times and screened all documents filed in the Vatican, the parish of Medjugorje and the archives of the secret services of the former Yugoslavia. The commission heard all the seers and witnesses involved, and in April 2012, they carried out an inspection in the village of Herzegovina.
Positive Findings on First Appearances
The commission noted a very clear difference between the beginning of the phenomenon and its following development, and therefore decided to issue two distinct votes on the two different phases: the first seven presumed appearances between June 24 and July 3, 1981, and all that happened later. Members and experts came out with 13 votes in favor of recognizing the supernatural nature of the first visions. A member voted against and an expert expressed a suspensive vote. The committee argues that the six young seers were psychically normal and were caught by surprise by the apparition, and that nothing of what they had seen was influenced by either the Franciscans of the parish or any other subjects. They showed resistance in telling what happened despite the police arrested them and death threating them. The commission also rejected the hypothesis of a demonic origin of the apparitions.
The doubts about the development of the phenomenon
With regard to the second phase of the apparitions, the commission took note of the heavy interference caused by the conflict between the bishop and the Franciscans of the parish, as well as the fact that the apparitions, pre-announced and programmed individually for each seer continued with repetitive messages. These visions continued despite the youngsters had said they would end, however that actually has never happened. There is then the issue of the “secrets” of the somewhat apocalyptic flavor that the seers claim to have been revealed from the apparition. On this second stage, the committee voted in two steps. Firstly, taking into account the spiritual fruits of Medjugorje but leaving aside the behaviors of the seers. On this point, 3 members and 3 experts say there are positive outcomes, 4 members and 3 experts say they are mixed, with a majority of positive, effects and the remaining 3 experts claim there are mixed positive and negative effects. If, in addition to the spiritual fruits, the behaviors of the seers is also taken into account, eight members and four experts believe that an opinion cannot be expressed, while two other members have voted against the supernatural nature of the phenomenon.
The Pastoral Solution
Having noted that Medjugorje’s seers have never been adequately followed on the spiritual side, along the fact that for a long time they have no longer been a group, the commission has endorsed the end of the ban on pilgrimages organized in Medjugorje. In addition, 13 members and experts out of the 14 present voted in favor of the constitution of “an authority dependent on the Holy See” in Medjugorje as well as the transformation of the parish into a pontifical sanctuary. A decision based on pastoral reasons - the care of millions of pilgrims, avoiding the formation of “parallel churches”, clarity on economic issues - which would not imply the recognition of the supernatural nature of the apparitions.
The doubts of the Doctrine of the Faith
Francis mentioned them on the airplane. The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith led by Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller expressed doubts about the phenomenon and about the Ruini report, considered an authoritative contribution to be compared with other opinions and reports. In 2016 a “Feria IV”, the monthly meeting of Dicastry members, was summoned to discuss the Medjugorje case and the Ruini report. Each of the cardinals and bishops who members of the Feria IV received the text of the commission but also other material in the hands of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. During the meeting, members were asked to give their opinions. However, Pope Francis, unwilling to have the Ruini report, which he esteems, to be put up for “auction”, decided that the opinions of the Feria IV members had to be sent directly to him. And that’s exactly what happened.
Francis’ decision
After examining the Ruini report and the opinions of the members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Pope decided to entrust to the Polish Archbishop Henryk Hoser a “special mission of the Holy See” to “acquire more in-depth knowledge of the pastoral situation “In Medjugorje, and “above all, the needs of the faithful who come to pilgrimage” to “suggest any pastoral initiatives for the future.” By summer 2017 the Polish Archbishop will deliver the results of his work with which the Pope will make a decision.
For second time, Pope sends special envoy to Medjugorje
ROME - For the second time, Pope Francis is sending a special envoy to the famed site of Medjugorje, in this case to care for a local parish that sees millions of pilgrims arriving each year because of what some believe are apparitions of Mary Our Lady Queen of Peace at the Bosnian-Herzegovinian location.
The Vatican announced Thursday that Archbishop Henryk Hoser, now retired as the Archbishop of Warsaw in Poland, has been appointed Apostolic Visitor “for an undetermined time” to the Saint James parish of Medjugorje, which is run by the Franciscan friars.
His missions, according to a statement released by the Holy See’s Press Office, will be to “guarantee a stable and continuous accompaniment of the parish community of Medjugorje and the faithful who arrive in pilgrimage, whose demands require special attention.”
It also says that the appointment is “exclusively pastoral,” and a continuation of the mission Hoser began in February 2017 and which concluded in recent months.
Hoser was appointed by the pope in February 2017 to study the pastoral care given to the town’s residents and visiting pilgrims.
The original mission entrusted to Hoser was not to determine the veracity of the alleged apparitions, and he has said it has a “supplementary character” to a study conducted by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which was led by Italian Cardinal Camillo Ruini in 2010-14.
Last year, Hoser told Poland’s KAI Catholic news agency that “from a pastoral point of view, there is a very positive result.”
“My mission was not to make a judgement on Medjugorje, but to evaluate whether the pastoral ministry was proper and consistent with the doctrine and teaching of the Church, and effective and well-organized. I concluded that this is the case,” the archbishop said.
He said the site had the same character as Fatima, Lourdes, Lisieux and Czestochowa.


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