O Mary graced immaculate,
Belov'd of Trinity you are
Mother of God's Incarnate Son
With holiness beyond all saints.

A woman holy you were made
To bear the Son whose merits saved.
He named you Mother of us all,
"Belov'd of Trinity" our name.

Companion us along life's way
On our return to the Trinity
That one in prayer and faithfulness
Our lives will mirror your full "Yes."

To Father, Son, and Spirit praise
For Your great Love that moves as grace
and forms us in discipleship
To live Your Will as Mary did.

Growth in Trinitarian Spirituality Through Marian Presence and Praise

The title Mary Beloved of the Trinity opens an expansive and penetrating vision of the Marian dimension of the Christian life, specifically in relation to the Trinity. The title's power as a verbal icon contributerto the presence of Mary in our lives and growth in Trinitarian spirituality. John of the Cross's commentary on stanza 123 of the Spiritual Canticle tells us that God does not communicate with the soul through its knowledge of him, but through the love the soul has from this knowledge. Continuing, St. John states, For just as love is the union of the Father and the Son, so it is the union of the soul with God." Trinitarian spirituality is the living of the love received through knowledge of Jesus Christ, one with the Father, in the Holy Spirit.

Through the knowledge given to Mary at the Annunciation, there flowed an abundance of Divine Love from God's favor. To this communication of Love, Mary's own response to love was complete. Mary's love models, inspires, and invites our love to union with the Trinity's love. It is with Mary that we can best offer the Trinity worship from within the community of disciples of Jesus Christ.

With Pope John Paul II, we can say, we Christians who know that the providential plan of the Most Holy Trinity is the central reality of Revelation and of faith feel the need to emphasize the unique presence of the Mother of Christ in history" Awareness of the Trinity's love for Mary and of Mary's presence in the Christian life contributes to lived Trinitarian-Marian spirituality.

Mary's relatedness with us radiates particularly from her graced presence in the faith-filled humanness of her person who journeys with us. We look back at her life and we see her present in our lives. Our prayerful attentiveness to her presence invites her to draw us into her attentiveness before God. Though we lack her fullness of grace, we do not lack the benefit of her Son's merits. It is through her Son that we return to the Trinity; and through Him we are gifted with her companionship, as we journey always with our eyes fixed on Jesus.

The title has been anticipated by artists who have depicted Mary in the presence of the Holy Trinity. Frequently, paintings and stained glass windows portray Mary surrounded by the Trinity. Often, there is emphasis on the privileges of Mary in visual representation.

This verbal icon is an interior representation that unites Marian privilege and Marian presence. Because it is verbal, it can become present anywhere at anytime. While visual representation may convey Mary's beauty, the verbal icon carries the gift of Mary to the interior of the one who prays. Such interior beholding of Mary may generate Marian attitudes of faithful discipleship.

The canvas for this verbal icon is the human heart. Interiorly, we watch the restorative hand of God refresh our desire for holiness by our understanding of who-Mary-is-to-God in God's plan of salvation. Through her, there is clarity about who-we-are-to-God and one another. Therefore, the title is a painting of our creation and formation in the image and likeness of God.

Union with God is humanity's vocation through, with, and in Christ, after the example of Mary, first among the beloved of the Trinity. Mary's preeminence leads us near to the Blessed Trinity. It is a part of her nearness to us. Growth in Trinitarian spirituality is the purpose of the title. With Cyril of Alexandria, we pray, "Because of you [Mary], the Trinity is glorified and adored."

photo:the coronation of the virgin by procacci ca 1500

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