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Prayer to obtain the virtue of Humility

Philip, my glorious Patron, who on earth wast so enamored of humility as to count as dross the praise and even the good esteem of men; obtain for me also this fair virtue by thy prayers. How haughty in my thoughts, how contemptuous in my words, how ambitious in my works, I am, thou knowest. Ask for me, then, humility of heart; that so my soul may be divested of all pride, and in its place may dwell deep-seated that low esteem of self which thou hadst of thyself, counting thyself worst of all men, and for that reason rejoicing when thou didst suffer contempt, and thyself seeking out occasions of it. Ah, my great saint, obtain for me a true humble heart and the knowledge of my own nothingness; that I may rejoice when I am despised, and resent not when others are preferred before me; be never proud when praised, but ever seek only to be great in the eyes of God, desiring to receive from Him alone all my exaltation. 

Pater. Ave. Gloria. 

Prayer to Obtain the virtue of Patience.

Philip, my holy Advocate, whose heart was ever so constant in time of trouble, and whose spirit was so loving under suffering, as, whether persecuted by the jealous, or calumniated by the wicked who thought to bring shame upon thee, or tried by God with many long, painful infirmities, ever to bear all with wondrous tranquility of heart and soul; O obtain for me too by thy prayers, dear Saint, a spirit of true courage in all the trials of this life. Alas, how do I stand in need of patience! I shrink from every little trouble; I sicken under every light affliction; I fire up at and resent every trifling contradiction; nor ever learn that through the thorny path of tribulation lies the road to paradise. Yet was this the road our divine Master Jesus deigned to tread; this too was trod by thee, my darling Saint. Obtain for me this strong courage, with good hearty will to embrace the crosses which every day I receive from God, and to bear all with such endurance and such ready will as thou didst when on earth; that so I may be made worthy to enjoy the blessed fruit of sufferings with thee in heaven above. 

Pater. Ave. Gloria. 

Prayer to obtain the virtue of Purity. 

Glorious Philip, who didst ever keep unsullied the white lily of Thy purity, with such great honor to thyself that the brightness of this fair virtue dwelt in thine eyes, shone forth from thy hands, and cast its fragrance over Thy whole body, causing it to exhale such sweet perfume as gave consolation, fervour, and devotion, to all who abode with thee; O obtain for me from the Holy Spirit of God so true a love for that most beauteous virtue, that neither the words nor bad examples of sinners may ever make impression on my soul. O never suffer me in any way to lose that lovely virtue; and seeing that avoidance of occasions, prayer, labour, humility, mortification of the senses, frequent use of the sacraments, were the arms with which thou didst conquer the dread enemy of the flesh, even so obtain for me, I pray thee, grace to use these very arms to vanquish this same foe. Take not away thy help from me; show forth that zeal in my behalf which in thy life thou hadst for thy penitents, keeping them far removed from all infection of the senses. Do this for me, my holy advocate; in this fair virtue be thou ever my protector. 

Pater. Ave. Gloria. 

Prayer to Obtain the Love of God. 

Wondering I contemplate, Philip, the great miracle wrought in thee by God's Most Holy Spirit, when into thy heart He poured such floods of heavenly charity, that to give them place within thy breast, through vehemence of love thy ribs were burst asunder; then, beholding thy heart and mine own, I am sore confounded. I see thy heart all burning with love; mine, all frozen, wrapt up in creatures. I see thine inflamed with a fire from heaven, whose brilliance was so diffused throughout thy body that it shone forth from thy face like sparks of fire; while mine is full of earthly love. I love the world, which allures me and can never make me happy; I love the flesh, which ever wears me with its cares, and can never render me immortal; I love riches, which I can enjoy but for a moment. O, when ever shall I learn of thee to love naught else save God, my incomprehensible and only Good! Make it thy care, then, Blessed Advocate, by thy intercession that I begin at least today: obtain for me an efficacious love, made known by works; a pure love, making me love God most perfectly; a strong love, enabling me to surmount all obstacles which might hinder my union with God in life, that so I may become one with Him for ever after death. 

Pater. Ave. Gloria. 

Prayer to Obtain the Love of our Neighbour. 

Glorious Saint, who didst employ thyself wholly in thy neighbour's good, thinking for all, sympathizing with all, helping all, and who throughout thy whole life didst ever try to secure the salvation of all, nor ever shrink from labour or from burden, keeping for thyself no time or comfort, that thou mightest win all hearts to God; obtain for me, I pray thee, together with the pardon of my sins, charity for my neighbour, that henceforth I may be to him all compassion in his needs, and grace to love every man with pure, unselfish love, as mine own brother, succouring each one, if not with temporal goods, at least with prayers and good advice. And teach me too on every occasion to defend my neighbour's honour, and never to say to him a hurtful or displeasing word; but ever to maintain, even with my enemies, sweetness of spirit like thine own, whereby thou didst triumph over thy persecutors. Ah, then, my blessed Saint, obtain for me this lovely virtue, which already thou hast obtained for so many of thy clients; that so we may all one day come to praise our God with thee in an eternity of bliss. 

Pater. Ave. Gloria. 

Prayer to obtain Detachment from Temporal Goods. 

Great Saint, who didst prefer a poor and austere life to the comforts of thy home, despising its honours and its glories; obtain for me grace ever to keep my heart detached from the passing goods of this life. O thou, whose desire it ever was to become so poor as one day to beg thy bread, and not to find the charitable hand to offer thee a crumb wherewith to support life; ask for me of God a love of poverty so great that I may turn all my thoughts to goods which never fail. Thou who wouldst rather live in humble guise than be exalted to the highest honours of the Holy Church; still intercede for me, that I go not in ceaseless search of dignities, but content myself ever with that state where God has set me. My heart, alas, is too anxious after the empty fleeting things of earth; but thou ah what a maxim didst thou leave us by thy two words: "And then." O wonder-working words, be ye ever deep impressed upon my soul; that despising the nothingness of earth, God alone may reign sole object of my affections, and be all my thoughts. 

Pater. Ave. Gloria. 

Prayer to obtain Perseverance in Good Works. 

Philip, Holy Advocate, who, ever constant in good works and full of merit, didst receive of God Most High the crown of glory in reward of all thy labours; obtain for me grace never to weary in God's holy service. Thou who didst ever so well recompense those who loved thee by gaining for them the gift of perseverance in good, gain, then, this gift for me; fight thou for me, dear father, at the last moment of my life, and obtain for me the grace to depart this life strengthened with the Holy Sacraments. Meanwhile be thou, great Saint, my intercessor, that through thy prayers I may do penance for my sins, and bitterly deplore them all my days. O thou, who from on high beholdest all my miseries, and the bonds which yet yoke me to my sins and to this earth; pray for my liberation from them, and that with fixed purpose I may be all for God. Obtain for me an eager desire to co-operate in my own salvation, and inviolable constancy in the good which I have begun; that so by thy intercession I may deserve to be forever in thy company in an eternity of bliss. 

Pater. Ave. Gloria.
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