Prayer to Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, Virgin

by Dom Prosper Gueranger 1870

Thy life here below, O Magdalene, resembled that of an Angel, who was sent by God to assume our weak and fallen nature, and be subject to its laws. Thy soul was ceaselessly aspiring to a life which was all heavenly, and thy Jesus was ever giving thee that thirst of Love which can only be quenched at the waters of life everlasting (St. John, iv. 14). A heavenly light revealed to thee such admirable mysteries, such treasures of truth and beauty, that thy heart, unequal to the sweetness thus given to it by the Holy Ghost, sought relief in sacrifice and suffering. It seemed to thee, as though there was but one way of making God a return for his favours, the annihilation of self. 

Seraphic lover of our God! how are we to imitate thee? what is our love, when we compare it to thine? And yet, we can imitate thee. The year of the Church's Liturgy was thy very life. Each of its Seasons did its work in thee, and brought thee new light and love. The divine Babe of Bethlehem, the bleeding Victim of the Cross, the glorious Conqueror of Death, the Holy Ghost radiant with his seven gifts, each of these great Realities enraptured thee; and thy soul, renewed by the annual succession of the Mysteries, was transformed into Him, Who, that He might win our hearts, gives these sublime celebrations to His Church. Thy love of souls was great during thy sojourn here; it is more ardent now that thou art in possession of the Sovereign Good; obtain for us, O Magdalene, light to see the riches which enraptured thee, and love to love the treasures which enamoured thee. O riches! O treasures! is it possible that they are ours too?
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