Ah! There is one devotion! It is to have more confidence in our Blessed Mother’s prayers. More undoubted trust, more bold petition, more real faith in her. There would be more love for Mary if there were more faith in Mary. She has been in the secret of all the good things that have happened to us in life.

- Frederick William Faber 


It has been a favourite and prevalent custom of Catholics, in times of need and danger, to take refuge in Mary, and to seek consolation from her motherly concern.

- Pope Leo XIII 


When you are about to pray to our Lady the Holy Virgin, be firmly assured, before praying, that you will not depart from her without having received mercy. To think thus and to have confidence in her is meet and right. She is the All-Merciful Mother of the All-Merciful God, the Word, and her mercies, incalculably great and innumerable, have been declared from all ages by all Christian Churches; she is, indeed, an abyss of mercies and bounties.

- St John of Kronstadt

photo: Nuestra Señora del Refugio de Pecadores
A Mexican retablo painting of Our Lady Refuge of Sinners.
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