Hymn to Saint Pope Pius V

Let our sweet organs give forth their glad sound in honor of blessed Pius! Let the joys of this sacred day dispel all dismal storms. 

His name in baptism was Michael, and he conquered the devil in battle: he took the name of Pius, and repressed the impious foe. 

He was the firm shield against the dangers that attacked the Church: he was the strong sword that mowed down the ranks of the heretics. 

He was the zealous Phinees who stood for the defense of the Holy City, that he might protect the Faithful from the scimitar of the Turks. 

His strenuous care redisciplined morals; and to impious errors he opposed a barrier of restraint. 

Pius had too generous a heart to hide his wealth in a napkin; he threw open his whole treasury, that he might relieve the necessities of his people. 

Kind father of the poor, with his hands ever pouring forth charity, he fed and amply provided for his subjects when suffering famine. 

We beseech thee, O Creator of all things! that, in these days of Paschal joy, Thou defend thy people from every assault of death. Amen.
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