Who is this beautiful city so masterfully adorned,
with whom God has penetrated our lowly earth?
How humbly laid but golden - glowing are her streets,
how mirrory of truth her sheer marbled towers!
Fountains of sweet waters continuously rain
like silver willows of wisdom in her midst -
lights ballet like spirits of bright joy
in and out their shifting mists.

Laced balconies of many mansions mount, as steps,
stretch high, round about her in bands of arabesques.
Cool courts of refreshment are chaliced in her,
opening from lovely entrances built - for only
the strong to swing - of bronze and silver gates.
Her lawns are sunshine-green for children's frolic,
her streets a kaleidoscopically-treed with virtuous deeds.
She wears a thousand pleasant parks; and here and
there, afire like islands of coral beauty,
ovals of love's red, red roses rise.

Platinum-and -crystal arches sparkle and end
her avenues, as with heroes challenge and award.
Her boulevards of sunken gardens lie like camouflaged
canals holding rich secrets, their coverlets
made of tropical birds and Eden's exotic flowers -
like acts of kindness their colors make the pulse dance,
their green borders are as peace to the soul.
All her walls gem with rainbow-splendored jewels,
miniaturizing her valiant women and valiant men;
diamonds are princely there, tiny scintillating suns.

The laughter of her children spills like crystals
tumbling and tinkling down her streets, sounds like
spring sounds, fresh and innocent, happy and new.
The peace of venerable patriarchs abides in her.
Her men and maids are in full blossom, comely and
of mature strength; and in their conduct all is pure.
Soft light falls on the city everywhere, heals all cares.
Pleasant streams murmur as liquid music through her;
the people look at the cool waters flowing under,
watching from little stone-arching bridges where
the waters of God have come to meet with mankind.

There is joy in the city, there is love,
there is humility permeating it, composing all;
yet it is supremely queenly and full of gracious charm.
There is childlike simplicity .... and high regal majesty,
She is a city in full possession and tranquility.
What is this most amiable City of Peace?
The son of God once knew her beauty, walked her ways:
It is his Mother, the Beautiful City, it is
the Mother of all, it is His members, the People of God,
the Church; it is the spotless, fair Mother-Maid.

– Albert Joseph Hebert, S.M.
Mary, Our Blessed Lady. New York: Exposition Press, 1970.

photo: Our Lady in St Augustine church Valletta
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