Christ is risen! the Conqueror of Death

I Cor. xv. 55: "Christ is risen from the dead, the first-fruits of them that sleep: O Death, where is thy victory? O Death, where is thy sting?" 

All hail! dear Conqueror! All hail!
O what a victory is Thine!
How beautiful Thy strength appears,
Thy crimson wounds how bright they shine!

Thou camest at the dawn of day:
Armies of souls around Thee were,
Blessed spirits thronging to adore
Thy flesh, so marvellous, so fair.

The everlasting Godhead lay
Shrouded within those limbs Divine,
Nor left untenanted one hour
That sacred human heart of Thine.

They worshipped Thee, those ransomed souls,
With the fresh strength of love let free;
They worshipped joyously, and thought,
Of Mary while they looked on Thee.

And Thou too, soul of Jesus, Thou
Towards that sacred flesh didst yearn,
And for the beatings of that heart,
How ardently Thy love did burn!

They worshipped while the beauteous soul
Paused by the body's wounded side:--
Bright flashed the cave--before them stood
The living Jesus glorified.

Down, down, all lofty things on earth,
And worship Him with joyous dread!
O sin! thou art undone by love!
O death! thou art discomfited!

Ye heavens, how sang they in your courts,
How sang the angelic choirs that day,
When from His tomb the imprisoned God,
Like the strong sunrise broke away!

Oh, I am burning so with love,
I fear lest I should make too free;
Let me lie silent, and adore
Thy glorified Humanity.

Ah! now Thou sendest me sweet tears;
Fluttered with love my spirits fail--
What shall I say? Thou know'st my heart;
All hail! dear Conqueror! all hail.
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