O dear St. Joseph, faithful foster father of Jesus Christ, we devoutly come before thy sacred image and implore thine aid and intercession in our present necessity. We know and firmly believe that to thee all things are possible with God, and that the sweet Infant Jesus, Who on earth was subject to thee, His foster father, can now in Heaven refuse thee no request. Thy faithful servant, the seraphic St. Teresa, experienced this, and declared that never did she present to thee a petition that thou didst not grant; at the same time she invites all to have recourse to thee, assuring them that they will not depart from thee unconsoled. Encouraged by this promise, we fly unto thee, O holy Joseph, foster father of Jesus Christ and chaste Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, beseeching thee by the tender love thou didst bear to both, to bestow upon us thy love and mercy. Comfort us in our present trials and afflictions, and obtain for us, through Jesus and Mary, that God the Father may grant our petitions. Send up to the Heart of thy beloved Jesus but a single sigh, lovingly present to Him our requests; then we shall certainly obtain them, and be consoled in our distress. Amen.
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