The Old Testament is Fulfilled in Christ, Who Reveals the
Full Mystery of The Brazen Serpent. Our Lord told Nicodemus that The Brass Serpent was Lifted Up in The Desert, so that He would have to Be Lifted Up on a Cross. The Meaning Now became Clear: The Brass Serpent in The Desert Looked Like the Serpent that Bit The People;
But though it Seemed to Be the Same, it wasActually Without Any Poison. Our Blessed Lord Now Says that He is Like that Brazen Serpent. He, Too, Would Be Lifted Up on The Crotch of a Tree, a Cross. He would Look as if He Himself was Filled with The Poison of Sin, for His Body
Would Bear the Marks, and The Stings, and The Piercing of Sin; and yet as The Brass Serpent was Without Poison so He Would be Without Sin. As Those who Looked Upon That Brass Serpent in The Desert in Faith Were Healed of The Bite of the Serpent, so All Who would Look Upon Him on His Cross Bearing The Sins and Poisons of The World would also be Healed of The Poison of The Serpent, Satan. Fulton Sheen
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