A PROTESTANT WRITER WAS STUMPED after witnessing an actual exorcism..
Why Are Demons So Afraid of Mary? ..
by K. Albert Little ( a former protestant now a Catholic convert)
One of Amorth’s accounts that really bothered me went like this. During a particularly challenging exorcism, the demon-possessed individual suddenly began screaming out. In their pain, the demon, speaking through the individual, agonized over the searing pain and light they were experiencing, “She’s here, she’s here!” the possessed individual was screaming and explained it was Mary and it was her light that the demon could not bear.
There, in the exorcism, Mary, Mother of God, came to pray for the possessed individual and the demon responded. In fact, it hurt the demon to be that close to her.

That got my attention. And reading this encounter as a Protestant I was struck by the fact that if a demon responded like that, to Mary, what was I to make of it?
What is the Protestant response?
I did not have one, and it bugged me.
The Power of Mary’s Prayer
Amorth highlighted several other exorcism encounters which featured Mary. Enough, I thought, to make me begin to become concerned. Enough encounters, at least, to challenge my thinking. Why are demons so afraid of Mary? As a Protestant, I believed she was important but that she was also dead. She couldn’t pray for me, and I shouldn’t be asking her to either.
But demons respond to Mary. Her name. And when she’s prayed to, in at least several of the encounters Amorth records, she makes herself present, and she prays for the possessed. And the demons hate it.
Like the famous wedding at Cana where Mary asks Jesus to perform a miracle and He does, in these recorded exorcisms it seems a similar thing is taking place—and that’s worth taking note of.
And here’s the conclusion I reached.
Either, Father Gabriele Amorth is a liar, or crazy, or there’s something about Mary. Either Amorth is making it all up, or there’s something about the Catholic doctrine of the Communion of Saints and the important place of Mary in everlasting Body of Christ and it’s played out in the fact that demons respond to Mary. They can do nothing else.
This, I thought, as a Protestant, was an interesting angle on Catholic doctrine. An interesting, and ironic, proof of the reality of Catholic beliefs. Demons proving Marian theology and the Communion of Saints? Well, it would seem so. As a Catholic that would make a lot of sense.
As a Protestant, I was stumped....READ 
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