The most serious level of demonization or demonic influence is possession. In this, demon(s) gain access not only to some aspects of thinking & will, but also the body. In the siege analogy, the evil forces have finally broken through and have captured some aspects of the person’s command and control center. They cannot control the soul, it is mainly an effect on the body, but the will is degraded to a significant degree. Some possessed people can function, but have many problems. Others who are severely possessed cannot function well at all. For example, they would not be able to drive a car, or take care of their personal hygiene needs, etc. Scripture and experience teaches us that there are various degrees within possession. With “Complete Possession” a person’s will has been submerged and no longer able to resist. This is also called “Total Possession.” There are two basic categories of possession: 1) Involuntary Possession; 2) Voluntary Possession. Involuntary possession means that the person afflicted was not overtly asking for the Devil or a demon to possess him or her. This is indeed the case, however, with Voluntary Possession; known as Diabolic Subjugation or Dependence (see below, #6). There are occurrences of involuntary possession in which holy people are possessed: This is one of the most difficult categories for people to grasp and come to terms with, but God allows it for very special reasons, usually to help expiate the sins of others. Thusly, they are joining with Christ in an intense form of loving, sacrificial service on behalf of the Church. It is firmly believed that each individual who has suffered this was offered a chance to refuse it, but they chose this suffering willingly out of love and service. Examples are said to be: Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified; Father Giovanni Calabria; the German girl Anneliese Michel; and it is even said that Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) suffered under possession at one point, and that Blessed Pope John Paul II exorcised her.


Demonic harassment—“The Siege Begins”: like an army beginning to lay siege to attack a fortified city, in oppression demons begin the process of attacking an individual on a level above temptation. (“Fortified” can mean any level of strength, fortification, or “spiritual protective umbrella.” Examples: a non-baptized person not active in his or her faith would be very weak; whereas contrastingly, a baptized individual active in their faith and regularly receiving the Sacraments would be extremely well fortified). Some signs and symptoms include (but are not limited to): things happening around them such as objects being moved (apportation); severe and repeated temptation; shadow figures being seen; offensive odors that are not naturally caused; inciting of fear, anxiety, worry and panic; children or pets may see or hear things; knocking or rapping—especially in numbers of three; hearing one’s name being called; etc. Oppression and Infestation (#5) often go hand in hand with one another. There is a special category of Oppression in which Holy Individuals are tormented by Satan or demons, such as apparently, St. Paul (2 Corinthians 12:7-9).


To continue our analogy in order to understand this level of demonization, in obsession the demonic siege has progressed to the stage of a full blown siege. The “fortress” of the person is under tremendous pressure from without—from the exterior. They are isolated and cut-off, without much resupply. The person is still in charge in their command and control center within the fortified city, but they are under tremendous siege and the effects are really beginning to pile up. This isolation is often manifested in the person’s life in an actual physical or emotional sense. In a couple of severe cases I have worked, I have seen where a severely obsessed individual had lost all contact with family, friends, co-workers, and even neighbors. This is not always the case however, and some severely obsessed people can be in a family environment, but feel isolation and severe loneliness within their emotions and psychological state. With obsession, the demonic activity and presence of the above symptoms of oppression grow more severe. The person is under a severe siege. Examples: the Deaf, Mute Man with the demon (Matthew 9:32-34); the Bent Woman (Luke 13:10-17); and Job (the Book of Job).

Adolf Rodewyk reveals that the concept of obsession comes from the Latin origin obsessio, and portrays the concept that the Devil, the enemy, has the city under siege and is able, by external assaults, to create severe disturbances and chaos within the city. By contrast, possession (which is the most serious category of demonization) is derived from the Latin possesio, and means that the Devil has conquered the city and is in control of it from its internal strongholds. Some symptoms of obsession can be: confusion of reasoning that is at least somewhat bizarre; hopelessness or fatalism; reclusiveness or extreme isolation (either real or isolated in feelings); insomnia; nightmares that are particularly lewd or bizarre; obsessive behavior that is ramped up; significant shift in behavioral modalities ; significant falloff in hygiene and self-care/care of family and responsibilities; depression (severe); voices and being talked to by voices that suggest very lewd or disgusting acts; thoughts of or attempts at suicide or to hurt oneself or others; obsessive sexual or lewd thoughts or desires, and so fort
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