A Prayer for Candlemas Day

Lord Jesus Christ, 
Thou art the true Light 
enlightening every soul born into this world. 
Today we celebrate the feast of Candlemas. 
Before Holy Mass, 
the priest blesses the candles, 
whose wax is the humming summer's work of countless bees. 
The flames of these candles 
will shed their light upon the altar at the Holy Sacrifice. 
Help us to realize, 
this day and every day, 
that our own humdrum daily work, 
if it is done for love of Thee, 
and in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, 
will be a supernatural work, 
and will shine brightly before Thee for all eternity. 
Help us realize, too, 
each time we see the blessed candles at Holy Mass,
or at the bedside of the sick, 
that they are a symbol of Thyself, 
the Light shining in the darkness of this world. 
Help us to live in that Light, 
to make it our own, 
and to kindle it in the souls of others, 
increasing the area Of light 
and lessening the darkness in the World This, 
dear Lord, help us do, 
through the merits of Thy own dear mother, Mary, 
who did everything for love of 
Thy, from the moment she brought Thee into this world 
till the day she joined Thee in the realms of light at her death. 
Then we, too, working for Thee, 
shall be light-bearers who will help to spread Thy kingdom on earth, 
and increase the number of those who dwell in heaven, 
the city of eternal light.

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