End of the Avignon Papacy

A total of seven popes reigned at Avignon for 67 years; all were French, and they were increasingly was under the influence of the French Crown. To end this papal exile from Rome Saint Catherine of Siena decided to visit Pope Gregory XI (r. 1370–1378) in the summer of 1376. Catherine spent three months in Avignon tirelessly working to realize her dream of the pope's returning to Rome. Gregory resisted and demurred, but she persisted and even startled him by telling him that she knew about the private vow Gregory had made before God that if elected pope he would return the Holy See to Rome. Finally, the humble yet firm saint from Siena convinced him to fulfil his vow, and Gregory made plans to travel to leave France for Italy. 
On September 13, 1376, Gregory XI abandoned Avignon and moved the papal court to the Eternal City. The Holy Father arrived in Rome on January 17, 1377, which officially ending the Avignon Papacy.
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