Thoughts for Gaudete Sunday Mary's Healing Humility

Humility is an unpopular—one might say barely considered, hence untaught—virtue, but it is the key to developing a fully virtuous life and a just society. The practice of humility does not allow one to serve a perception of one’s own power, nor to reduce other people to “things” or objects. Rather, rather it forces one to consider and respect his neighbour; it understands the privilege of knowing and serving the other.

Humility is the gateway virtue that trains us in all of the other heavenly virtues: Kindness, because it remembers receiving kindness; Patience, because it has experienced impatience; Diligence and Charity, because it has seen the rewards of both; Temperance, because a humble soul is one that takes less, rather than more; Chastity, because humility recognizes the beauty of God’s plan, and reverences His image in others. This is the best restraint.

Grave sin will be with us unto ages of ages, but grace can abound, and it can bring light into the dark places; it can heal the festering wounds whether emotional or spiritual. But we have to want it, and ask for it. 

It is an open secret: Pursuing humility—asking for the grace of the virtue of humility, and then practising it—is a way to begin. Remember, says St. Bernard, that Mary pleased God by her purity but conceived Him by her humility.
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