I pity the slender Mother-maid
For the night was dark and her heart afraid
As she knelt in the straw where the beasts had trod
And crooned and cooed to the living God.

And I pity Saint Joseph whose heart wept o'er
The ruined stall and the broken floor
And the roof unmended for Him and her,
And to think himseIf was a carpenter!

O Thrones, Dominions, Spirits of Power,
Where were you there in that bitter hour!
And where the Cherubim-wings withal
To cover the wind-holes in the wall!

The faded eyes of a wondering ass
Were dreamy mirrors where visions pass.
And a poor old ox in the stable dim
His moo was the song of the Seraphim!

Like and Love

I know that God is infinite,
But like Him not that way a bit;
I love Him, yes, but like Him less;
God is too big for me, I guess.
But not too little, no siree!
In Mary's arm, on Mary's knee;
For then I like Him even more
Than I had loved Him heretofore.


The inn that would not bed and board
The Blessed Mother of Our Lord,
That night when it had ought, when she
Was most in need of hostelry
I think I would not pay a pin
To stop at such a stupid inn.
I think it was a dive, a den;
I hereby scourge it with my pen.

photo:Lorenzo Leonbruno da Mantova - The Nativity circa 1515
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