Saint Ansanus

St. Ansanus was born in Rome and is honoured as the first Apostle of Sienna, Italy. In Sienna, he made so many converts to the Catholic Faith, that he was named "the Baptiser". As a youth, his own father denounced him as a Christian. He confessed the Faith, but managed to escape from Rome and fled towards Tuscany. On the way he preached at Bagnorea, and was imprisoned where the church of Our Lady delle Carceri now stands.

During the persecution of Diocletian, St. Ansanus was thrown into prison. After he was tortured and his head was cut off at a place outside the walls of the city. Some time later, a church was built on this spot, in remembrance of the death of this holy martyr. Many miracles took place in the year 1170, when his relics were carried to the Cathedral in Sienna.

St. Ansanus, Pray for Us!
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