Our Lady of Guadalupe

Madonna of the Americas

December 10

"I chose this place and made it holy, in order that My name might be honored, and My eyes and My heart might remain there forever."
(2 Para. 7:16)

"Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array? As the rainbow giving light in the bright clouds, and as the flowers of roses in the days of sprouting?" (Canticles 6:9)

Hail Mary…

Mary speaks:
I am the Mother of fair love, and of fear, and of knowledge, and of holy hope... My memory is carried on through ages of ages. (Ecclus. 24:24)

Let us Pray:

O God, Who hast been pleased to bestow upon us unceasing favors by having in a special manner placed us under the protection of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, grant us, Thy unworthy servants, who rejoice in honoring her today upon earth, the happiness of seeing her blessed countenance in Heaven. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


"Behold thy Mother!" By these words from the Cross, our Divine Lord gave His Mother to St. John, the Beloved Apostle, and to His true followers who humbly and faithfully stand by the Cross in the company of Mary; who love, trust, and seek Her. The Church teaches that the Blessed Virgin Mary is thus our Mother by adoption, and also in the order of grace, through the Incarnation. Mary is the Mother of Christ, the Head of the Mystical Body. As the Mystical Body is one, she is, therefore, the Mother of the members of the Mystical Body, individually. In none of her apparitions has Our Lady more tenderly and clearly expressed and manifested this title than in Her message as Our Lady of Guadalupe, where she promised all the offices of a Mother to those who love, who trust, and confide in Her; where she announced herself and asked: "Am I not here, Thy Mother?"

Glory be to the Father…

She Who Crushes the Head of the Serpent

When thou didst visit Juan Diego's dying uncle, Juan Bernardino, healing him and declaring unto him thy name -- Immaculate Virgin Mary, who crushed the head of the Serpent-thou didst fill the Indians' hearts with joy. It told them that they need no longer make human sacrifices to the ancient Serpent through their pagan idols.

Hail, Holy Queen, merciful Mother, Hail! Our life, our sweetness and our hope! Permit me to join in the canticles of praise that the peoples of the Americas have sent up to thy throne, many coming long distances to offer thee prayers and gifts. Pray for us, holy Mother of God. Exterminate the Serpent of evil from our lives, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ, thy Divine Son. Dios te salve, Maria…

For centuries the natives of Mexico had worshiped the sun, sacrificing countless human beings in its honor. But when they beheld thy beautiful Image blotting it out, so that only its rays were visible, they understood the lesson it was intended to convey. For after the Indians had heard thy message and read that which thine Image contains, they abandoned their false gods and embraced the loving doctrine of thy Divine Son. Never have they ceased to give thanks for the great mercy that Almighty God showered upon them when He sent thee to be their Queen, their Mother, and their Teacher.

O holy Mary, through the mystery of the Incarnation of thy beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, wherein our salvation was begun, obtain for us light to understand the greatness of the benefit He hath bestowed upon us in becoming like unto us, and in giving Thee, His own venerated Mother, to be our Mother also. Dios te Salve Maria…

The fires that burned on the altars of the false gods were extinguished forever after the Indians had contemplated thine Image and seen thee attired with the firmament covered with stars. This showed them that the stars had been created by the Invisible God to serve mankind and therefore could not be deities to whom adoration and sacrifices were due.

Most holy Mary, who, through thy Image stamped by God on the Indian's garment, hast brought millions of pagans into the light of the true Faith, I beg thee to obtain for me the grace of understanding the message it contains. Shed upon me the light of thy countenance; direct and sanctify all my undertakings. Ave Maria...


Dearest Mary, thou didst not promise Juan Diego, nor any of thy children, an end to all sorrow. Thou didst promise rather to see their tears, to hear the stories of their sorrows, to listen to the pleas of their crushed hearts and bruised spirits; that thou wouldst listen to the prayers for afflicted ones left at home with aching, pain-filled bodies. Thou didst promise to remedy and alleviate; not always to take away or heal.

Dear Mother, we ask thee to help us learn better that suffering and true happiness must go together. We ask thee to help us remain always truly resigned to God's Will, as we commend to thy Immaculate Heart our loved ones and petitions. Amen.


Adapted from the Protesta de Fe (Declaration of Faith) formulated at the Chilapa Synod in Mexico in 1893, where the Bishops decreed that it should be publicly recited by all children on the day of their First Holy Communion, by all young men at their entrance into the seminary, by all clerics before each ordination, and by all priests during the ceremony of taking over a parish. It should be read on the first day of the novena, and on Our Lady's feast.

Most amiable Queen and Sovereign Lady of Guadalupe, powerful and most tender Mother, and Queen of all the Americas, with my soul overflowing with unutterable consolation, and my heart full of sweetest gratitude, I come to prostrate myself at thy sacred feet, and to declare, once again, before Heaven and earth, that I believe with lively and unshakable faith the most happy event of thy loving Apparition on the blessed hill of Tepeyac, to the favored Indian, Juan Diego, on whose cloak, filled as it was with the marvelous roses that had touched thy most pure hands, thou didst leave, stamped in bright and indelible colors, thy beautiful miraculous picture, which, these four centuries and more, is miraculously preserved as a precious memorial of thy maternal love, and a sure pledge of thy sovereign protection.

For this rarest of favors, this most treasured escutcheon of thy dignities, I, from my heart, fervently thank thee. I declare my desire that I might always praise thee, with that elevated piety and fond enthusiasm, with which thy loving apparition has been celebrated; and thy bounties extolled by so many Sovereign Pontiffs, renowned Prelates, illustrious members of the clergy and the religious orders, great Kings, and other high personages; as well as by all the pious and grateful generations that in the long course of over four hundred and seventy years have continued to bless thy most sweet Name, and have publicly rendered thee splendid homages of filial love, both on the blessed hill that thy most pure footsteps ennobled, and in the many magnificent sanctuaries that their affectionate hearts have everywhere dedicated to thee.

Obtain for me, most amiable Mother, the grace to be day by day more grateful for thy favors. And since thou art, happily, the Treasurer of the rich and inexhaustible gifts which for our welfare are contained in the Sacred Heart of thy Divine Son, cause to flow down upon me the graces necessary to be faithful to Him, in the observance of His Holy Commandments, and the fulfillment of the obligations proper to my state in life. I trust, sweet sovereign Lady, that thou wilt never cease to exercise in my behalf the office of the tenderest and fondest of mothers; for thou didst show that this was indeed thy most loving purpose, when thou didst show thyself in such amiable majesty to the fortunate Juan Diego; and asked to have there erected to thee, a temple, in which thou wouldst abundantly dispense thy blessings.

To correspond in some way with thy maternal patronage, I promise to love thee with all my heart, and to carefully avoid all sin, which so much displeases thee. Oh! through thy love, most sweet Mother, may I obtain the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and hereafter, as the reward of my fidelity, may I praise Him in Thy company, and that of my glorious patron, thy most chaste Spouse, Saint Joseph, in the blissful everlasting mansions of glory. Amen.


Ave Maria, my Lady of the Roses,
Holy Mary of Guadalupe,
I stand here humbly at thy feet.

Make me a Juan Diego, unworthy though I be.
Let me carry thy message far and near.
Let me show my love for thee.

Ave Maria, my Lady of the Roses,
O Mother of the Americas,
Loving Mother, please smile on me!
Loving Mother, please smile on me!
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