1 - Our Lady of Ratisbon (Bavaria).1ST FRIDAY 
2 - Our Lady of Didinia (Cappadocia, Turkey).
3 - Our Lady of Filermo (Malta).
3 - Our Lady of Victory (Paris, France).
4 - Our Lady of La Chapelle, Abbeville.
5 - Our Lady of the Jesuits College (Rome).
6 - Our Lady of Seez, built by St. Latuin.
7 - Our Lady of Paris.
8 - Our Lady of the Miracles of Caacupé.
8 - Our Lady of Good Health Virgen de Salud Basilica. (Mexico).
8 - Immaculate Conception. (On the 9 th if the 8 th is on a Sunday).
8 - Queen of the Archdiocese of Lipa (Philippines)
8 - Our Lady of Caysasay (Church in Barrio Labac, Philippines).
9 - Our Lady of the Conception, Naples, Italy.
10 - Transition of the Holy House of Loreto (Italy).
11 - Our Lady of Angels (Paris, France).
12 - Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas (Mexico).
13 - Our Lady of the Holy Chapel (Paris, France).
14 - Our Lady of Alba Royale (Hungary).
15 - Our Lady of the Armed Forces.
16 - Our Lady of Good or Happy Deliverance, brought from Madrid, Spain to St. Augustine, Florida.
17 - Our Lady of Amiens (France).
18 - Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
18 - Dedication of Our Lady of Marseilles by St. Lazarus
19 - Our Lady of Toledo (Spain).
20 - Our Lady of Molene (France).
21 - Our Lady of St. Acheul (Amiens, France)
22 - Our Lady of Chartres, Mother of Youth (France).
23 - Our Lady of Ardilliers (Anjou, France).
23 - The Espousals of the Virgin Mary.
24 - Chaste Nuptials of Our Lady and St. Joseph.
25 - The Birth of Jesus. (Delivery of Mary).
26 - Our Lady of Acheropita (Rossano, Italy).
27 - Institution of the Knights of Our Lady.
28 - Our Lady of Pontoise (France).
29 - Our Lady of Spire (Germany).
30 - Our Lady of Bologna (Italy).
31 - Image of Our Lady of Chartres brings back to life the son of King Geoffry.

Moveable Feasts
The Seven Sorrows of Mary,
5 th Friday of Lent (between March 13 and April 16).

Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles,
6 th Saturday of Easter (between May 2 and June 5).

Our Lady of the Taper (Wales) [Not on June 15],
Third Sunday of May.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary,
3 rd Saturday after Pentecost (between May 30 and July 3).

Our Lady of Penafrancia
3 rd Sunday of September

Our Lady, Health of the Sick,
Saturday between August 24 and 30.

Our Lady of Consolation,
Saturday between August 29 and September 4.

Our Lady of the Ribbon (Tortosa-Catalonia-Spain),
First Sunday of September.

Our Lady of the Thirty Three (Uruguay),
Second Sunday of November.

Mary, Mother of Divine Providence,
Saturday between November 14 and 20.

Our Lady of Carmel of the Maipú,
Last Sunday of September.

Our Lady of Coromoto (Venezuela),
Celebrated 3 times a year on February 2, September 8 and 11.

The Seven dolors of Our Lady,
Traditionally celebrated on Passion Sunday.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart,
Last Saturday of the Month of May.

Mother of Mercy,
Saturday before the fourth Sunday of July.

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