"Whoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly, applying himself to the consideration of its sacred mysteries shall never be conquered by misfortune. God will not chastise him in His justice, he shall not perish by an unprovided death; if he be just he shall remain in the grace of God, and become worthy of eternal life."- Our Lady to Saint Dominic and Blessed Allan de la Roche
BLESSED ALAN says that a certain Cardinal Pierre, whose titular Church was that of St. Mary-beyond-the-Tiber, was a great friend of Saint Dominic's and had learned from him a deep devotion to the Most Holy Rosary. This resulted in his loving it so much that he never ceased singing its praises and encouraging everyone he met to embrace it.
Eventually he was sent as Legate to the Holy Land to the Christians who were fighting the Saracens. So successfully did he convince the Christian army of the power of the Rosary that they started saying it one and all to storm Heaven for help in a battle in which they knew they would be pitifully out-numbered. This resulted in victory for them, and three thousand Christians triumphed over an enemy of one hundred thousand.
As we have seen, the devils have an overwhelming fear of the Rosary. Saint Bernard says that the Angelic Salutation puts them to flight and makes all Hell tremble.
Blessed Alan says that he has seen several people delivered from Satan's bondage after taking up the Holy Rosary, even though they had previously sold themselves to him in body and soul by renouncing their Baptismal Vows and their allegiance to Our Lord Jesus Christ.
source:secrets of the rosary-by Saint Louis de Montfort

The power of the Rosary should not be underestimated, especially now while parts of the world are at war.

Nobody likes war and the sooner they are resolved, the better.
In fact, pray for all soldiers that they carry out their duties honorably and return safely to their families. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says...
"Those who are sworn to serve their country in the armed forces are servants of the security and freedom of the nations. If they carry out their duty honorably, they truly contribute to the common good of the nation and the maintenance of peace."-Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2310
Many soldiers are devoted to the Rosary. It brings them peace when little else can during times of war.
Military victories through the Rosary motivate and inspire soldiers during times of war. Every soldier desires peace. This peace is only attained through the Rosary.
1213 - Victory of Muret
When the Christians were at battle against the heretical Albigensians, St. Dominic taught them to pray the Rosary.
The Christian army prayed before the battle of Muret. The triumph at Muret set the stage for a long history of military victories through the Rosary that would follow in the years to come.
The first chapel dedicated to the Rosary was later built here at Muret, France.
The book, St. Dominic: The Grace of the Word contains the history of St. Dominic including his role and the role of the Rosary in the victory of Muret.
1627 - La Rochelle, France
When King Louis XIII went to war against the Huguenots, he asked his subjects to pray the Rosary with the victory of France as their intention.
The citizens weren't the only ones praying.
More than fifteen thousand rosaries were handed out among the soldiers.
The soldiers prayed aloud together at set times everyday.
King Louis' army was victorious and this battle is recorded as one of the miraculous and triumphant military victories through the Rosary.
Philip II Philip II by Thomas Walsh is about Europe's most powerful king and the pivotal events of this era. Covers the birth of Protestantism and the secret efforts to undermine Catholic unity, the Huguenot wars in France, the Sack of Rome, Great Siege, Battle of Lepanto, Spanish Armada, Council of Trent, and historical figures including: Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I, St. Pius V, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Ignatius of Loyola, and many more. Reads fast; never bogs down.

Military Victories Through The Rosary - Overcoming Militant Islamic Invaders
1571 - The Battle of Lepanto
The victory at Lepanto is the most famous and important of the military victories through the Rosary.
On October 7, 1571 the Turk's attempted to invade Christian Europe at Lepanto on the coast of Greece.
The Pope asked Catholics to pray the Rosary with the intention that the Turk's attack would fail.
The Christians were out numbered 3 to 1.
Thanks to the Rosary prayers and against all odds, the Christians were victorious, sinking 200 Turkish ships and killing 50,000 of their men.
The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is now celebrated on October 7th every year in memory of this miraculous victory.
This famed battle inspired G.K. Chesterton, a renowned author to write the poem entitled, "Lepanto" chronicling the exciting events of that day.
You can also listen to the story of Lepanto in the brand new CD set Lepanto: Battle That Saved The West. Christopher Check tells the exhilarating story of Lepanto, first in his own words and then through the poem of G.K. Chesterton.
1683 - The Battle of Vienna, Austria
Once again the Turks tried to overtake Europe.
A small garrison led by a wounded general, desperately fought to hold the city of Vienna against 300,000 Turkish invaders. The power of the Rosary was demonstrated in their victory and the Turkish invaders were kept at bay. This battle too went down as one of the famous military victories through the Rosary.
The armies of Europe united and marched to their aid.
As they marched, they prayed the Rosary.
Once again the power of the Rosary was demonstrated in their victory and the Turkish invaders were kept at bay.
1716 - Peterwardein, Hungary
Even after their defeat in Vienna, the Turks continued to provoke Europe.
Once again, the people prayed the Rosary because military vicotries through the Rosary were proven and they knew how powerful it was. Prince Eugene of Savoy led the Christian armies to victory over the Turks.
At this time the Pope ordered that the universal Church celebrate the feast of the Holy Rosary in thanksgiving for the victories won due to the power of Mary through her Rosary.
1815 - The Battle of New Orleans, America
The Triumph at New Orleans is the first of the military victories through the Rosary to take place American soil.
During the Revolutionary War, Andrew Jackson led a small army to victory despite being greatly out numbered.
What did he have to thank for this victory?
The Rosary.
During the battle many of the soldiers' families gathered and prayed the Rosary.
They were confident the power of the Rosary would bring victory despite the overwhelming odds and their faith was rewarded.
Modern Military Victories Through The Rosary
1945 - Hiroshima, Japan

A priest and seven others survived the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Japan and had devastating effects during the Second World War.
Even though they lived near ground zero, much to scientists amazement these survivors were free from all harm caused by radiation even years later.
What was different about this group of people compared to other nearby victims?
Devotion to the Rosary.
They prayed the Rosary together daily.
Description of Fatima: The Great Sign by Francis Johnston
"When the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima in 1945, eight men living near the blinding centre of the nuclear flash miraculously survived the searing hurricane of blast and gamma rays, while everyone within a mile radius perished and other residing further afield continue to die from the lethal effects of radiation.
For over thirty years, some two hundred scientists have examined these eight men, trying in vain to determine what could have preserved them from incineration. One of the survivors, Fr. H. Shiffner, S.J. gave this dramatic answer: 'In that house, we were living the message of Fatima.'"
1955 - Austria
Facing the threat of Communist take over, the Austrian people prayed the Rosary to overcome what seemed like the inevitable.
Everyday for 7 years, many Austrians prayed the Rosary.
Then without cause, the Communists withdrew.
1966 and 1975
Both Brazil in 1966 and Portugal in 1975 were spared Communist rule by through the Rosary's power and are considered a major triumphant military victory through the Rosary.
"In 1961 the stage was set to take over Brazil...But guess who thwarted this Communist takeover?
The women of Brazil with their rosaries!
"Without the women", said one of the leaders of the counterrevolution, "we could never have halted Brazil's plunge toward Communism."
"One night in mid-1962, Dona Amelia Bastos listened to her husband and a band of anti-Reds discuss the looming threat of Communism. I suddenly decided, she said, that politics had become too important to be left entirely to men...Moreover, who has more at stake what's happening to our country than we women?"
She formed CAMDE (Campaign of Women for Democracy): In Belo Horizonte 20,000 women reciting the rosary aloud broke up the leftist meeting there. In Sao Paulo, 600,000 women praying the rosary in one of the most moving demonstrations in Brazilian history, sounded death knell of the Communist revolution.
These women with rosaries in their hands or around their necks, issued a 1300 word proclamation:
This nation which God has given us, immense and marvelous as it is, is in extreme danger. We have allowed men of limitless ambition, without Christian faith or scruples to bring our people misery, destroying our economy, disturbing our social peace, to create hate and despair. They have infiltrated our nation, our government, our armed forces and even our churches...
Mother of God, preserve us from the fate of suffering of the martyred women of Cuba, Poland, Hungary and other enslaved nations!"
-Excerpts taken from "The Power of the Rosary", pp. 31-32
Pray The Rosary With Confidence That
Your Prayer Will Be Heard Catholic Rosary Myteries

Simply by praying the Rosary everyday, many nations beheld great military victories through the Rosary. The people found peace in their individual lives and saw peace in the political realm of their nations. That kind of peace is greatly needed today.
Equal in importance, the soldiers of these nations found purpose and triumph.
This inspiring story from Fr. Lasance's My Prayer Book illustrates the importance and high regard in which the Rosary is held within the armed forces...
A Young Man and His Beads
In one of the largest military colleges of France, a pair of beads was picked up from the ground by one of the oldest students, who thought he would have some fun at the next recreation. Accordingly, after dinner he suspended the beads on a branch of a tree and called out publicly: "Who has lost his beads?"
No one expected an answer; but suddenly a young student went toward the tree and with his sword gently caused the beads to drop into his hand. "They are mine, sir," said he, "I have lost them, and now I thank you for the favor."
"Bravo, young man," said a grave voice from behind. They all turned in surprise; it was the general himself, for whom they made room until he reached his young hero, whose hand he seized warmly saying: "Continue, my child; you have done a noble action. Never fear; you will make your way."
From that day the young man was esteemed and loved by all his comrades.
photo:Madonna Pellegrina
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