The Blessed Virgin Mary versus the devil

The Blessed Virgin Mary versus the devil?What a match up. The epitome of humility, virtue, and life, against the epitome of pride, vice, and death. Where in the world does the Catholic Church get this match up from? Isn?t Mary a dead person, while the devil is a live spirit?

MARY CRUSHES THE SERPENT (Recommended reading) 

The short answer is no. Mary is very much alive in heaven (Revelation 12). Luke says that her soul magnifies the Lord (makes Jesus larger, clearer, and more in focus) in Luke 1:46. The bible says that people who die and go to heaven are equal to the angels (Luke 20:36). She is at enmity with the devil. This enmity is talked about in the Bible in Genesis 3:15: I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed. He will strike at your head, while you strike at his heel. Enmity comes from the word enemy, and it means open hatred that manifests itself in attacks or aggression. Genesis 3:15 happens right after God told the serpent (the devil) that he would be banned from all wild creatures and crawl on his belly. Some people make the mistake of thinking ?The Woman? in Genesis 3:15 is Eve, but Eve is not at enmity with the devil; rather, she is union with the devil through her sin. And since women don?t have seeds, but eggs, this verse implies that a very special future woman (Immaculately Conceived who would later give birth to her seed as a virgin) would come on the scene later on. Her seed would strike at the devil?s head (crush the serpent?s head in some translations). Jesus did this on the cross, at a place called Golgotha, the place of the Skull. His great sacrifice on the cross crushed the head of the serpent by opening the gates of heaven that had been shut to all since the Garden of Eden. 

In the last book of the Bible, Revelation (or Apocalypse), in the 12th chapter, there is a huge battle going on (enmity) between Mary, the woman clothed with the sun who gives birth to a savior, and the devil. The devil tries to take her out, but God miraculously rescues her and her child by putting them into the desert, away from Herod?s evil clutches. Revelation 12:17 says that we are her children if we obey the commandments and bear testimony to her son, Jesus. This is a great bookend to the Garden of Eden, where an immaculately created virgin, Eve, says yes to the demon Lucifer, and allowed sin to enter the world. Mary, also an immaculately created virgin, says yes to the angel Gabriel, and allowed salvation to enter the world. Eve came out of Adam, Jesus came out of Mary. 

Many people believe that one can be harassed, or even possessed by the devil, a spirit. Know that you can be influenced by the spirit of Mary also. Mary is the mother of Jesus, the daughter of God the Father, and the Bride of the Holy Spirit. Who better to lead you to heaven than her? She already knows the way!

So now that you know all of this, what now? Without a doubt, the thing that you can do every day to help Mary continue this battle against satan is to say the rosary EVERY day. Next to the Mass, the Holy Rosary is the best way to honor God and to defeat satan. A lot people make the mistake of thinking that getting close to Mary moves you further away from Jesus. This is like saying that getting close to your mother moves you further away from your father! By honoring God?s greatest creation, the Blessed Virgin Mary, you are getting much closer to Jesus than ever, and much faster.
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