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Noticed a couple times you refer to the "Sacred Heart" of Mary; I think you mean Immaculate Heart.

While Immaculate Heart is most common, Sacred Heart of Mary is also correct. In fact, there are several names for the devotion.
In most theological books written in Latin the devotion used to be referred to as “Sanctissimum Cor Mariae” (Most Holy Heart of Mary), while the Sacred Heart of Jesus was and still is referred to as “Cor Jesu Sacratissimum” (Most Sacred Heart of Jesus).
Later it also became common to say “Purissimum Cor Mariae” (Most Pure Heart of Mary), probably to emphasise Mary’s state of purity as the Immaculate Conception. After the Fatima apparitions it seems that the adjective “Immaculate” (“Cor Immaculatum Mariae” in Latin) became more popular than “Sacred” or “Pure”.

Saint John Eudes was born in Normandy, and was educated by the Jesuits. He was Ordained a priest, and he founded the Congregation of the Priests of Jesus and Mary, then called Eudists, and also the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity. As preacher, writer, and founder he promoted public devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Saint John Eudes who died in 1680 A.D. , Pray for us!
Saint John Eudes (French: Jean Eudes) (14 November 1601 – 19 August 1680) was a French Roman Catholic priest and the founder of both the Eudists and the Order of Our Lady of Charity.He was also a professed member from the Oratory of Jesus and was the author of the proper for the Mass and Divine Office of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin. Eudes was an ardent proponent of the Sacred Hearts and dedicated himself to its promotion and celebration; the Masses he compiled for both Sacred Hearts were later said for the first time both in his lifetime. He preached missions across France including Paris and Versailles while becoming known as a popular evangelist as well as a sought-out confessor and preacher. Father Eudes was also a prolific writer and wrote on the Sacred Hearts while also condemning the Jansenists in favour of full support for the pope
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