Indulgenced Prayer for the Most Forgotten Soul

O Lord God Almighty, I beseech Thee by the Precious Body and Blood of Thy Divine Son Jesus, which He Himself on the night before His Passion gave as meat and drink to His beloved Apostles and bequeathed to His Holy Church to be the perpetual Sacrifice and life-giving nourishment of His faithful people, deliver the Souls in Purgatory, but most of allthat soul which was most devoted to this Mystery of infinite love [and is most forgotten,] in order that it may praise Thee always, together with Thy Divine Son and the Holy Ghost in Thy glory for ever. Amen.

In conclusion one of each of the following prayers is to be said...
Our Father, Hail Mary and Eternal Rest

A partial indulgence; if prayer for a month, then a plenary indulgence for a Soul in Purgatory with all the usual requirements for gaining a plenary indulgence. The indulgence is applicable only to a Holy Soul.

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